Carhartt's New Campaign Honors Old Values

Carhartt, the 135-year-old apparel brand, wants to prove its relevance in an evolving work world. With “History In The Making,” the company hopes to draw parallels between the past and the future, all while highlighting that famous triple stitch in its heavy-duty clothing.

The Dearborn, Michigan-based company is launching the new campaign to show how the idea of work has evolved, says Susan Hennike, chief brand officer.

“While our core mission hasn’t changed, the world around us has,” she tells Marketing Daily via email. “Work is no longer the sole focus of our lives. Rather, it’s an enabler to achieve our goals and build our histories.”



And while providing durable, functional work gear still matters, so does how people see their future. “Carhartt hopes to be a small part of the histories people are making every day,” she says.

Hennike, who had been at Bombas and Hanes before joining Carhartt a year ago, says the goal is to deepen engagement with existing users as well as new audiences.

“Carhartt is focused on providing functional gear for not only traditional jobs but new jobs in emerging industries like solar, wind and renewable energy,” she says. “Women are an important part of Carhartt’s rich history – and our future. As we see women increasingly emerging into the skilled workforce, we can fill a void in the women’s workwear industry and cater to what they are looking for while staying committed to serving them with durable gear best suited and designed for their needs.”

Carhartt created the effort in-house. In 15, 30 and 60-second versions, brand campaign videos are running on TV and digital platforms, and the company is amplifying them on social media channels.

The spots combine historic-sounding audio and modern video to create an old-with-the-new feel.

The effort also includes “Putting on the Gloves,” a social-media video series focusing on some of the brand’s best-known gear. The first TikTok episode, for example, shows a worker hauling a pair of circa-1900 bib overalls, complete with a pocket watch storage space, out of the company vault.

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