HubSpot Announces New Cross-Platform AI Strategy

At its Inbound 2023 presentation, Boston-based marketing and CRM platform HubSpot announced the launch of its full portfolio of artificial intelligence (AI)-powered features for marketing, sales, and service teams.

“We are experiencing a transformative shift with generative AI,” says HubSpot CEO Yamini Rangan. “Customer expectations are changing, and businesses now have the opportunity to leverage AI to drive customer connection at scale.”

This is why HubSpot has decided to implement artificial intelligence across four sectors of its platform.

With the goal to “supercharge marketing, sales, and service teams,” there will be AI assistants helping teams draft content, create images, generate blog ideas, build websites, and develop reports “instantly,” as well as automated agents launching in early 2024, which will help businesses improve their customer service across live chat and email.

The company will also integrate predictive AI Insights for enhanced analytic capabilities, and a feature called ChatSpot –– first introduced last March and available now in beta –– that allows marketers and sales personnel to ask questions in a ChatGPT-like fashion about the content stored in its platform.



The company's new AI push, according to Andy Pitre, executive vice president of product at HubSpot, is intended to provide a seamless way for customer-facing teams to utilize the power of generative AI without “the guesswork.”

HubSpot has been able to train its AI models with its own blog posts and other customer-related materials stored in the platform over the past seventeen years. Because of this, HubSpot's models are able to understand the context of a particular customer request, Pitre told TechCrunch, adding that the company is “working on making it possible to understand the tone of your business and the way you communicate as a business.”

Some of the products in HubSpot’s suite of AI products are already available for use, including AI Insights, which has fully launched, and ChatSpot, which is still in public beta.

AI agents are coming next year, while different AI assistants are in various forms of testing.

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