Generative AI Conversational Interface Comes To Cleanrooms

Samooha engineers have developed a chat feature based on generative artificial intelligence (GAI) and natural language for cloud-based cleanrooms that enables marketers to gain insights across all cleanroom environments that belong to the company.

The tool enables less technical marketers at agencies and brands to use and understand and manage data privacy in cleanrooms.

Sensitive data collaboration deserves a secure application for sharing, which is one reason why Kamakshi Sivaramakrishnan founded Samooha for private data sharing a little more than a year ago.

“Secure data collaboration is still a very difficult problem to solve,” she said. “You shouldn’t have to be super technical or an engineer. You should be able to easily converse with the dashboard.”

Samooha’s product, a guided-step interface that lets businesses securely collaborate around data, determines the proper sequel queries or API calls in each cleanroom. Queries are fanned out simultaneously to generate results on cloud environments such as Amazon and Snowflake.



Earlier this month Samooha announced that Amazon Ads customers can use its cleanroom application to gain media insights, eliminating the need for users to write code. Samooha customers can use Amazon Marketing Cloud to pull in Amazon Ads media insights, such as cross-channel reach and frequency and campaign attribution metrics, into the Samooha application for benchmarking, visibility and performance comparison across media channels.

The app is installed in one click of a button. The “big easy button,” according to Sivaramakrishnan.

“Data has shifted from third-party to first-party, which typically has sensitive information,” she said. “If a company is going to transact on first-party data it must be done securely without consumer information.”

Sivaramakrishnan -- who grew up in India in a family that did not have entrepreneurs -- sits on the board of iHeartMedia, and Boston University. She founded Drawbridge, which sold to LinkedIn in 2019 the same week she gave birth to her daughter, but throughout her career also worked at Microsoft, Google, and AdMob,  

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