Snapchat Funnels Ad Campaign Tips Into New Desktop Game

On Tuesday, Snapchat launched an interactive 16-bit desktop video game (with classic GameBoy aesthetics) that is aimed at helping educate the platform’s Agency partners on how to build effective Snapchat briefs and ad campaigns to “level up results for their clients and reach their audience.”

The game, Agency Adventure, takes place in a fictional agency where players are faced with their first day on the job as business coordinators. From there, they can choose which type of brief they want to work on, interact with non-player characters and explore various agency departments.

“The experience features four mini games for players to explore,” the company explained in the announcement. “Each highlights a stage in the pitch process, from the brief, to the team brainstorm, to building the deck, and, of course, the final presentation.”



Snapchat says there will be easter eggs scattered throughout gameplay, including an augmented reality (AR) bonus game and “relatable agency chatter.”

“For bonus experiences, make sure to check in with your colleagues, connect with the Snapchat rep, read the post-meeting notes, and explore the yoga room,” the game rules state.

As players interact with different employee characters, they will learn more about Snapchat’s in-app tools, like the “My AI” chatbot, and have a chance to try them out in the game. Players can also download a strategy document that offers a useful template for their chosen campaign, filled with real-life ad tips.

“In addition to educating and connecting with our partners, this activation is designed to drive some industry camaraderie,” the company says. Agencies partnered with Snap are invited to compete for high scores to win a $4,500 donation to a charity included on a shortlist. The winning agency will receive a custom designed agency award.

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