LiveRamp Debuts Targeting From Cleanrooms, Identity Resolution From The Cloud

LiveRamp on Tuesday gave brands, publishers, and technology platforms better collaboration and a way to get more from first-party data from any environment, but it’s just the beginning.

In a few months, LiveRamp will announce a sophisticated data platform, where marketers will have the ability to log in to see data available from companies. Some might include demand side platforms (DSPs) like The Trade Desk, publishers such as Paramount, or streaming partners such as Netflix or Peacock. Brand might also be included in that list.

“Cleanroom technology is nascent and we’re still very early in this process,” said Daniella Harkins, LiveRamp’s senior vice president of go to market (GTM). “The vision is that you can log into the platform and see all the partners willing to share data.”



The collaboration strategy that launched today allows users to share data with more than one company, and then build audiences in the cleanroom. Historically, the technology matched one company to another. LiveRamp can now match one-to-many.

One of the biggest challenges from this type of collaboration, Harkins cited, is publishers sharing new data with an advertiser and running the risk that the advertiser will use the data across multiple media outlets.

This is a major concern for the market -- sharing the data and being comfortable with the data being shared across many publishers. “The whole point of collaboration is sharing with consent,” Harkins said.

Controls have been built into the LiveRamp system, so data owners can configure how they want the data used.  

Collaboration is not new, but this feature allows companies to activate the data across 400 global partners, limiting the movement of the data so it does not leave the cloud.

LiveRamp can provide multiple sets of data together in the cleanroom based on governance, but now it can be done directly from the cleanroom.

Connectivity to LiveRamp’s data network — powered by RampID — allows LiveRamp clients to take immediate action on insights generated through secure partner collaborations.

About 30 LiveRamp customers use its cleanroom capabilities today. Any company using this must have consumer privacy and transparency policies in place and needs to work with a partner.

With the cloud-embedded identity resolution, clients can now pseudonymize email addresses and other known customer identifiers directly in their cloud platform of choice, including Amazon Web Services (AWS), Azure, Google Cloud, Databricks, and Snowflake.

By bringing its technology to wherever clients’ data lives, LiveRamp also enables companies on Snowflake to easily activate to hundreds of destinations with enhanced accuracy, connectivity, and scale while minimizing costs and the security and privacy risks associated with data movement.

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