AI Verve: Brands Worldwide Are Adding The Tech To Their Marketing

Most businesses are testing AI for marketing. But they need better data and training, judging by The Growth Report, The AI Edition, a study from Twilio Segment.  

Of the companies polled, 83% are experimenting with AI in their marketing channels, while 88% are using AI in some form. 

In addition, 64% plan to adjust their strategy around AI in the year to come, while 54% to spend more on AI-driven campaigns. But 38% are challenged by lack of employee training, and 28% have data privacy concerns. 

Moreover, 71% say AI would be more useful if they had access to higher-quality data, and 85% will prioritize the capture and use of first-party data -- up from 71% in 2022. 

On the positive side, 90% believe AI will provide time or cost savings. And 66% believe customers will welcome the use of AI if it delivers better customer experiences and service. 



In addition, 53% say some of their most successful campaigns in the past year have included AI. Some are using AI to build intelligent customer journeys (26%) and some to automatically create personalized product recommendations (13%). 

Chatbots are the leading form of automation, with 38% using them. In general, 63% of firms expect to spend more on technology in the next year. Only 6% foresee a decrease, compared to 38% in 2022.  

One key line item will suffer: 24% of companies plan to simplify, remove or reduce their CRM spend.  

The U.S. lags behind most other countries in its technology spend, with 58% of companies expecting an increase, versus 87% in Brazil, 73% in Australia and 66% in the U.K. But that may be because other countries are playing catch-up.  

However, only 46% of businesses in the U.S. are prepared for the end of the third-party cookie, compared to 73% in Australia.

Twilio Segment surveyed 2,450 marketing and data leaders, including 1,000 in the U.S. and 300 each in the U.K., Brazil, Germany and France and 250 from Australia from August 3-August 30, 2023. 

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