Public Inc Positions Sunnybrook Hospital As 'Special'

Sunnybrook Health Services Centre, a major hospital in Toronto, Canada, has just kicked off a new creative campaign.

It's the first work by Public Inc. Chief Creative Office Jill Applebaum since she joined the agency.

The focus is the state-of-the-art care offered, including scalpel-free brain surgery, as well as new models of personalized care. The hospital is spread over three campuses — many in the city are unaware of its extensive services. Sunnybrook specializes in trauma, musculoskeletal, oncology, mental health, dementia, cardiac and stroke care. It is also affiliated with the University of Toronto as a teaching hospital.

The cross-media campaign — digital video, digital audio, radio, out-of-home, and in-hospital execution — aims to enlighten them. The work runs in Canada, primarily in the Toronto area.

“Sunnybrook takes on the toughest illnesses, injuries and conditions,” said Sunnybrook CEO Andy Smith. “Spreading the word about what takes place here is imperative to attracting support to fuel our work.”

Applebaum added that Sunnybrook was different from other medical facilities. “As soon as you walked in, you knew it was special,” she said. “To break through to our audience, we knew we had to capture that feeling.”



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