TV-Based Network Streaming Platforms Have Low Consumer 'Demand' For Originals

Streaming services from TV-based network legacy media companies -- Peacock, Hulu, Paramount+ and Max -- have the lowest consumer demand when it comes to original content series and movies versus content originating from other platforms.

In the third quarter of this year Warner Bros. Discovery’s Max, for example, only received an 11% consumer "demand share” score from Parrot Analytics when it comes to its  streaming originals. 

Hulu is the next-lowest at 13%, while NBC’s Peacock is at 14% and Paramount+ comes in at 15%.

The bulk of consumer demand for programming on these platforms comes from shows that have their original release on broadcast and cable networks -- which combined represent a 70% or more share. 



“Many of these programs tend to be more associated with retention and engagement while splashy streaming originals are known to drive subscription growth,” says authors of Parrot's analysis.

Parrot defines "demand share" as user data gathered from daily "expressions" of demand from over two billion people in over 100 languages in more than 200 countries. Expressions are those who "interact with content and talent."

Disney+ has the best streaming original demand share for TV-based network legacy media companies, at 25%. It biggest piece come from cable TV networks, at 54%, while broadcast contributes 17%.

Of all major streaming video platforms. Amazon Prime Video has the most evenly distributed consumer demand share -- 24% for originals; 21% international; 43% from cable TV networks; and 12% from broadcast.


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