Lady 'Badass' Returns In Creative Campaign With AI For Lawyers

Lady Justice, aka Lady J, has returned in a campaign running in the United States and the United Kingdom to promote Cecilia, an AI-powered platform designed for attorneys by Disco, an AI-enabled legal tech company.

Cecilia, which supports those working on legal cases that have many pieces of evidence, was launched earlier in 2023 supported by eight years of development and learnings from Disco's AI lab
There can sometimes be hundreds of thousands of documents, emails, voicemails, deposition testimonies, text messages and more--all relating to a case.

“Lady J is such a powerful creative asset that it was a delight to polish up our bronze badass for another outing,” said Tom Evans, Creative Partner at BigSmall.

In the campaign, created by London-based agency BigSmall, Lady J addresses the staff of a law firm, telling them that with Cecilia they won’t need to work all night because AI can do work for them.



When Lady J urges them, “this weekend, have a weekend,” the celebrations get out of hand and the office descends into a frenzied chaos of lawyers pouring water on their heads, eating documents and diving into shredded paper.

In another spot a father plays "tickle monster" with his grown son to catch up on years of lost parenting time because he had to work, and an elderly lawyer who has been prematurely aged by reviewing documents manually gets a break.

The campaign was shot by award-winning director Clay Weiner through production company Biscuit and will run in the U. S. and U.K. beginning December 6.

The digital and social work continues the theme with Lady J promoting the specific benefits of Cecilia, the AI platform, which reviews documents for the user, answers questions about law evidence, and automatically creates timelines.

Disco initially unveiled Cecilia in March 2023 at Legalweek and describes the chatbot as a building block developed in the company’s AI lab with large language models, natural language processing, and advanced search technologies. 

Kevin Smith, Disco’s chief product officer, told Legaltech News in July that the company is taking a multimode approach. The initial rollout of Cecilia focused on helping law firms understand how the chatbot fits into the workflows.

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