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ChatGPT Ranked Fastest-Growing Brand In 2023: Report

OpenAI's now-iconic AI-powered chatbot, ChatGPT, was declared the fastest-growing brand of 2023, according to a recent report by business intelligence company Morning Consult.

The report lists brands based on the measured growth in share of consumers who said they would consider purchasing from a brand in January versus the share who said the same in October. The results were rooted in Morning Consult’s program, which tracks consumer perceptions on thousands of brands daily.

Over 1,500 brands were included in the analysis, with responses collected from adults in the United States.

ChatGPT first launched on November 30, 2022 and by January, it had quickly surpassed TikTok as the fastest-growing consumer app in history.

According to Similarweb, ChatGPT's website has been visited around 1.7 billion times over the past month, marking an 170% increase in traffic from February 2023's 1 billion visits and six times more than when it was first released.



Aside from influencing a host of other chatbots and sparking widespread conversation around how artificial intelligence could shape the future of humanity as a whole, ChatGPT made an impact across industries due to its usefulness across industries.

ChatGPT has proven useful in streamlining customer service experiences, education, content creation, business, healthcare and various types of entertainment.

The report shows that OpenAI's chatbot is not only the fastest-growing brand among adults in the U.S. but a top five fastest-growing brand for Gen Z, Millennials, and Gen X. Based on the results, Baby Boomers were the only demographic that ChatGPT seemed to escape in terms of growth.

OpenAI is reportedly approaching a $90 billion valuation, according to Bloomberg and The Wall Street Journal. As of November 2023, ChatGPT’s mobile apps top 110 million installs and almost $30 million in revenue.

“A year ago tonight we were probably just sitting around the office putting the finishing touches on chatgpt before the next morning's launch,” wrote CEO Sam Altman at the end of last month. “What a year it's been…”

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