AR NFT Platform Expands Collectibles, Perks For Moviegoers

Believe it or not, non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are not dead yet.

Augmented-reality (AR) platform Really -- formerly Moviebill -- which gives film enthusiasts digital collectible movie tickets and immersive experiences via movie-studio partnerships, is expanding its NFT tickets to cinemas across the Asia-Pacific region.

Really has also announced a new partnership with blockchain platform Avalanche to help power technology for its “Fandime" tokens.

Really has been expanding its AR footprint since its founding in 2017, launching a program with Regal cinemas in 2022 that allowed moviegoers to unlock and save AR Fandime collectible tickets for movies they saw in theaters.

Since then, Really has rebranded itself from Moviebill and launched a mobile app that made it possible for users to interconnect gamified AR experiences through the Regal App.



Users can earn Fandime NFTs by either attending a movie theater or event, buying merch, playing Really's AR games, or purchasing them in the app.

According to the company, Regal customers have claimed over four million of Really's AR collectibles across 200 blockbuster films, including recent titles like “Napoleon,” “Killers of the Flower Moon,” “The Marvels,” “Saltburn” and more.

Now, each Fandime NFT receives a specific ID that is minted on Avalanche's blockchain network and accessible in a user's Really account.

The NFTs can be redeemed for digital rewards, movie-related AR content and other perks for Really's in-app games.

“Specifically, Augmented Reality brings an entirely new user interface to our interactions with digital,” Really AR founder and CEO James Andrew Felts told TechCrunch. “As we transition from 2D screens like smartphones and desktop computers to 3D screens like headsets and holograms, our interactions with the digital world will become more tactile and more personal.”

Really says that it has plans to expand the ways in which users can earn Fandime tokens, similar to a classic rewards program. For example, users may be able to buy movie tickets and merch directly through their Really account, while collecting discounts and tokens when watching specific content at home.

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