Leaving A Clue: How B2B Intent Data Can Drive Sales

Apollo, a B2B go-to-market platform, is offering an upgraded version backed with intent data from Bombora. 

Apollo's new offering can increase email response rates by allowing firms to tap into up to 40% of their markets, the companies claim.  

The launch is occurring in a landscape where only 30% of B2B salespeople believe they can meet their quotas, says Tim Zheng, co-founder and CEO of Apollo. 

Bombora derives its intent data from a Data Cooperative, featuring data from more than 5,000 business publishers, analysts and other sources that make up the B2B internet, the company says.  

In addition to providing first-party consent data, the co-op can segment audiences using firmographic and business demographic data.

In addition, the co-op is privacy compliant, with most of the websites within it exclusive to Bombora. 



“AI rises or falls on data,” said Bombora co-founder and CEO Erik Matlick.  

Matlick adds: “Both of our business models focus on strategies that expand and improve prospect lists and prioritize the most qualified leads for salespeople.” prioritizes prospects and offers recommended actions. The enhanced solution incorporates AI-powered functionality to drive lead generation and sales acceleration, it adds.  

The tool is now utilized by sales and marketing people at over 500,000 companies, says.



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