Echo Falls Uses Wine Labels To Explain Super Bowl To U.K. Fans

Super Bowl fever is reaching the U.K. — and Taylor Swift can take some of the credit. Since she started dating Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce, the team's viewership is up. Nielsen reported a 37% spike in the Chiefs' playoffs once the duo became an item.

In a campaign via creative agency Above+Beyond, wine company Echo Falls is capitalizing on the romance that’s captivated Swifties. Four different American football buzzwords — tight end, kickoff, blitz and touchdown — are appearing on its wine labels in the U.K.

These new football fans can also catch full explanations of each phrase at Echo Falls Instagram.

Jonny Ray, managing director at Above+Beyond, said: “Whether or not Taylor Swift makes it to the Big Game, we know many British Swifties will be tuning in to an American football game for the first time in their lives. This is a great brand fit for Echo Falls, so we’re helping them fearlessly along the way — and hopefully they won’t end up being the foolish ones rooting for the anti-hero.”



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