Amazon Ads Integration With LiveRamp Moves To Next Security Phase

Driven by signal loss from cookies and many years of regulatory oversight and compliance around consumer privacy laws and legislation, LiveRamp wanted to find a way through collaborations to give brands more control of their data in cloud-based services, where data remains with the customer, but relies on the company’s cloud services and platforms.

“Even inside a company’s own enterprise, brands want to manage and protect data better,” said Noel McMichael, VP of commercial cloud at LiveRamp. “It causes anxiety on the IT side of the company, along with rising costs.”

The collaboration gives Amazon advertisers the ability to securely activate first- and third-party audiences on Amazon DSP using LiveRamp IDs to bid on ad space and implement frequency caps.

McMichael said if brands do not have control of their data they cannot optimize, or address accountability and measurement.

A newly announced integration with Amazon Ads will allow an integration with Amazon Marketing Cloud (AMC) and Amazon DSP to help brands keep control of their data, and will better enable measurement, increase accuracy, and optimize security. Helping customers connect their data to RampID, and then pull it into Amazon for media and measure it.



McMichael calls this an easier way to integrate audience data and process the information much more rapidly within seconds rather than a day.  

The two services will integrate their data into cloud services and solve for signal loss through a collaboration.

Brands will push an audience to Amazon platforms. The RampID bidding within Amazon will identify the audience without cookies or device IDs and enable them to move away from legacy targeting.

LiveRamp’s recent acquisition of Habu introduced an additional layer of innovation through the integration of generative AI (GAI) in Habu’s user interface. This feature offers users new avenues for data exploration and interaction. The advancement stands apart from the privacy and addressability features central to the LiveRamp and Amazon collaboration. The use of GAI in Habu underscores LiveRamp’s commitment to leveraging cutting-edge technology to enhance user experiences, distinct from the core focus on privacy and data control in the AWS and AMC integration.

There also has been some early experiments at LiveRamp to integrate GAI into the user interface. It would allow customer to ask questions about their data. 

“We don’t use AI to probabilistically determine a connection to a user,” he said. “That might mean you’re guessing, and you cannot guess when it comes to consent. You either have consent or you don’t.”

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