Genesis Launches 'Signature Event' Sales Campaign

Genesis is debuting new creative that expands on the “Luxe is in the Details” efforts that launched last year. 

The sales-focused 30-second spot, which includes a dealer message at the end, breaks nationally today and airs through the end of the month. It aims to highlight vehicle features through state-of-the art production techniques and visuals with a newly crafted Genesis soundtrack. 

There will be cutdown spots for national, regional and local. Genesis retailers will have the ability to tag their own spots.

Every detail of the campaign was “meticulously” thought out to help provide an immersive and elevated experience, said Wendy Orthman, executive director of marketing at Genesis Motor America. 

“From the lighting to the music soundtrack that features a personal touch of welcome chimes, key fob beeps, and EV sounds, consumers are able to explore the brand’s timelessly designed vehicles that we have to offer in an enhanced visual connection,” Orthman says in a release. 



Creative from Genesis AOR Innocean USA emphasizes simplicity and focuses on the product’s signature details and design. The campaign uses balletic sequences, dynamic shots and animation. 

The spot was shot entirely on a Volume Stage to help create a one-of-a-kind viewing experience. The footage features dynamic lighting and texture effects to focus on the various exterior and interior details of the vehicles. The ad features a background that enhances the feeling and tactility of those details as well as a music track produced of various Genesis vehicle sounds that heightens the sensation of being in one of the vehicles. 

Creative aims to stand out and “break the typical sales event mold,” says Marcella Coad, group creative director at Innocean USA.

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