Comcast Offers 2 New Consumer Services Tied To The Now Brand

Comcast has introduced two new services from its Xfinity NOW brand, giving advertisers an opportunity to reach a new type of consumer through NOW TV, which  launched in 2023. It includes two prepaid services: Now Internet and Now Mobile. 

Both new options are intended as low-cost Internet, mobile and streaming TV products that consumers can purchase on a month-by-month basis.

NOW Internet is a prepaid service designed to provide more reliability than fixed wireless options. The company calls it ”a better price” option for some based on its payment method.  

NOW Mobile is a prepaid service that includes unlimited 5G data combined with access to more than 23 million WiFi hotspots.

Dave Watson, president and CEO of Connectivity and Platforms at Comcast, says the company has developed a new “product construct from the ground up.” 



It rounds out the an offering to provide something for every consumer segment and plays to Comcast’s strengths in network capabilities, WiFi and streaming, he said. 

The two new products are for consumers, but tie into advertising options for brands in the NOW portfolio of products. That opportunity links to the Comcast’s Infinity brand NOW TV, which launched in May 2023. 

NOW TV is an extension of the Infinity brand’s traditional linear TV packages, designed to target a segment of value-conscious consumers who prefer streaming their content, and want affordability without sacrificing quality. 

NOW TV gives advertisers a way to reach new audiences when they buy linear ads. 

For example, if an advertiser makes an ad buy that includes HGTV, that ad runs on HGTV on Xfinity, whether they watch it as part of one of its premium channel packages or via NOW TV.

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