GroupM Unveils 'New Buyer Identifier' Data For CPG Clients

GroupM this morning announced what it describes as a "first-to-market" deal with consumer-purchase behavior data provider NCSolutions that will enable GroupM agencies and clients to plan, buy and optimize campaigns based on identifying new buyers explicitly.

The deal, which is exclusive to GroupM through the end of 2024, will integrate the NCSolutions data within GroupM data management unit Choreograph.

"The Choreograph solution will utilize NCSolutions’ in-store and online sales insights to improve [consumer packaged goods] clients’ business outcomes," a GroupM spokesperson explained to MediaPost, adding, "This new capability resulted from GroupM and NCSolutions working together to uniquely identify new customers for our CPG brands. The Choreograph solution then utilizes AI to identify new customers and thereby increases incremental revenue for our CPG clients."

Asked what the data will enable GroupM's CPG clients to do, the spokesperson said it will "empower stronger, faster and more reliable signals throughout media campaigns for activation and performance practitioners to drive incremental and real-time progress.



"For GroupM clients, this new product enhancement will offer advertisers an early performance indicator that gauges total product sales of new-to-brand customers during an ongoing campaign, providing more granular visibility into overall performance and ROI."

“Incremental growth for our brands requires a data-driven way to target new-to-brand prospects distinctly from existing buyers, optimizing the media experience in more personalized ways,” said GroupM COO JiYoung Kim in a statement, adding: “In a highly competitive category like CPG advertising, infusing AI at the core of our performance engine is critical to helping our clients outpace their competition by surfacing and actioning insights faster.”

The data is only available to clients using GroupM to manage their programmatic media-buying.

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