AI Bullseye: B2B Brands Are Offered New Data-Targeting Tool

ZoomInfo has debuted an AI-powered B2B data tool called ZoomInfo Copilot. 

Among other things, it features an AI Email Generator that allows users to craft targeted, personalized emails at scale, the company says. These emails can be adjusted for tone and length, and quickly personalized. 

“AI is only as good as the data it's built on, and most solutions are layered on top of static CRM data,” says Henry Schuck, founder and CEO of ZoomInfo.

But he adds that ZoomInfo’s Copilot sits atop the firm’s data foundation. 

B2B salespeople can receive Breaking Alerts delivered through Slack. Teams can triage and act quickly on intent signals. 

In addition, B2B Marketers receive ranked and prioritized target accounts and in-market buyers. 

According to the company, ZoomInfo Copilot also offers these features: 

  • Buying Groups — These are built on insights from websites, case studies, earnings call summaries, and other real-time signals. These groups align with a company’s ideal customer profiles.
  • Account Summaries — First- and third-party data are aggregated to provide overviews of specific accounts, including their pain points, use cases, upcoming deals and other detail 
  • Copilot Chat — This answers questions about a given account, using conversational AI. Users can request answers on a range of account-level topics to get up to speed as quickly as possible.



In beta, ZoomInfo Copilot has predicted nearly half of beta users' existing pipeline, and users received signals in their CRM telling them to engage t45% of the time, the company says.

Is there any connection with Microsoft’s Copilot? Only in the sense that “‘Copilot’ has become a ubiquitous term in tech for an AI-powered assistant that helps professionals accomplish more in a shorter amount of time,” a ZoomInfo spokesperson says. 


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