OpenAI, Apple Agreement Might Override Privacy Concerns

Never a day goes by when companies fail to mention artificial intelligence (AI), generative AI (AI), or artificial general intelligence (AGI) in an announcement. One expected next week could change everything.

Apple is expected to announce a partnership with OpenAI at its Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) next week. 

The deal would give OpenAI access to hundreds of millions of Apple users, including ones that might have been hesitant to try ChatGPT due to privacy concerns. It brings Apple users an advanced AI technology from a man, Sam Altman, who will not stop at anything to create AGI services, which is significantly more advanced than GAI.

A chatbot with AGI can build into its own services. Amazon Web Services describes AGI as "a field of theoretical AI research that attempts to create software with human-like intelligence and the ability to self-teach. The aim is for the software to be able to perform tasks that it is not necessarily trained or developed for."



Will Apple give users a choice as to which they can use? DuckDuckGo today announced an AI Chat feature -- a free and anonymous way to access popular AI chatbots. It began testing this service earlier in the year, allowing users to chat with OpenAI's GPT 3.5 Turbo and Anthropic's Claud 3 Haiky. It now added Meta Llama 3 and Mistral's Mixtral 8x7B. 

DuckDuckGo views search and Chat as two different services. It made AI Chat accessible through DuckDuckGo Private Search for quick access, so after a search is done the user can click on the Chat tab underneath the search bar to keep exploring the topic. 

The company the chats cannot be traced back to any one individual. To accomplish that technically, DuckDuckGo calls on the underlying chat models on user's behalf, removing IP address completely and using it IP address instead. This way it looks like the requests are coming from DuckDuckGo and not the user. Within AI Chat, the user can use the Fire Button to clear the chat and start over.

Apple has been developing AI features for years. Some run on its devices and on others that require cloud computing. Bloomberg reports that Apple also has infused its Siri digital assistant with AI, but the company’s own chatbot isn’t quite ready.

Dag Kittlaus, a tech veteran who co-founded and ran the Siri business before it was acquired by Apple, told Bloomberg that the OpenAI-Apple partnership is likely to be short-lived.

Apple is expected to offer its new AI features as an opt-in service, people familiar with the matter told Bloomberg. Its new partnership may ignite new scrutiny to the safety and privacy concerns that have plagued ChatGPT. The media outlet also brings up the fact that the agreement might give OpenAI access to Apple users' personal information.

Does the Apple partnership with OpenAI connect Microsoft in some way? It's not really something I have seen discussed online, but Microsoft's $13 billion investment must account for something.  

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