Mille Bornes: GroupM Campaign Could Get You To Iowa, Maybe Romania

Nine hundred and ninety-four miles. That's the distance it would take for someone to drive from GroupM's New York City headquarters to well into the Midwest -- nearly to Cedar Rapids, Iowa -- which is the same metric the WPP unit is using as part of a just-released case study showing how much carbon it reduced by utilizing ad technology developed by SeenThis for a 71-day digital campaign for client eBay in France via supply-side platform Pubmatic.

"They were able to successfully minimize [carbon] emissions by 2.09 tons. This is the equivalent of 16,00 kilometers driven by a car," a spokesperson noted, citing the car distance-driven metric, which is equal to 994 miles.

The campaign, which features three mixed hover units promoting chairs and lamps sold by eBay between September 18 and November 28, 2023, was handled by GroupM Nexus' Paris office, which saved enough carbon on the effort to drive nearly as far as Romania.



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