10 Things You Need To Know About Video

With depleted resources, it's time to get creative

1. The industry needs to evolve from measuring video streams to tracking branded entertainment, too, says Cameron Death, vice president of digital content at NBC Universal.

2. Expect more brands and marketers to seed viral clips on the Web. As they do, they’ll need metrics, says Brian Shin, CEO of online video measurement firm Visible Measures. “You need to know how your Internet video assets are spreading, how they are building viewership, and how the viral video audience is engaging — or not.”

3. The Web is where the boys are. Young men love the Web a lot more than they love TV. Male-centric online video network Break Media recently found in a study that 69 percent of males 18 to 34 would give up TV before the Internet.

4. Venture capitalists, TV networks and A-list talent have stepped up to the plate with the content that advertisers have been asking for, Death points out. Now, it’s the advertisers’ turn to pony up ad dollars.

5. Seth MacFarlane’s Web series, “Cavalcade of Cartoon Comedy,” earned more than 14 million views in its first three weeks through a syndication deal with Google. “Brands are still clinging to the idea of a ‘destination site’ where millions of viewers will flock to watch their content. It hasn’t happened. And it won’t. Embrace quality syndication — fast,” Death says.

6. Everything is falling apart. “Agencies must change the nature of their operations to accommodate the new, more fragmented professional video market,” says Jamison Tilsner, co-CEO of online video review site “But just because videos can’t be fully monetized in the near term, developing lasting brands or reputations associated with quality, innovative content will build value that can be monetized down the road.”

7. Joss Whedon’s “Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog” has shown Hollywood that the Web is more than a sandbox for playtime. It’s a serious creative medium, and Hollywood stars are signing up. “Will Ferrell will reach 60 million streams from something shot in an afternoon. And we love him for it. Will, are you listening? Call!” Death says.

8. Content is king, contacts are queen. Quality content is the most important calling card. But don’t underestimate the importance of contacts, points out Joshua Cohen, co-CEO of “Make friends with media institutions like YouTube, Blip, Viddler, MySpace, Revision3, NextNewNetworks and more.”

9. Your viewers want to help — just give them the incentive. Tide launched a successful viral campaign in connection with its “My Talking Stain” Super Bowl commercial by asking viewers to create their own versions, Shin points out. “This produced a deluge of user-generated videos for the campaign.”

10. Interactivity is more than a Facebook profile. Your characters need more than Facebook pages. Successful entertainment brands need to craft an entire social media universe around their shows.

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