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Gary milner

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  • Global Online Marketing Director The Simpler Way
  • 821 ancient oaks drive, holly springs
  • holly springs North Carolina
  • 27540 USA

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  • Trump Media Co. Completes SPAC Merger, Stock Begins Trading Downward by Joe Mandese (MediaDailyNews on 03/22/2024)

    A $5m revenue company worth $

  • Death Of ATSC 3.0? What's A Local TV Station To Do Now? by Wayne Friedman (TV Watch on 10/03/2023)

    Simple economics. Tv sets are cheap, not worth the cost. Tv manufacturers want to monetize their online portal.

  • Not Just Branding: Roku Now Making TV Sets - Is That A Good Thing? by Wayne Friedman (TV Watch on 01/09/2023)

    Its all about shelf space. Hard to see who will carry this, online why would Amazon do this? The history of new entrants into this market is tough unless you have cost or tech differentiation (samsung)

  • Overlong Commercial Breaks Alienate Viewers by Adam Buckman (TVBlog on 02/04/2022)

    There is so much ad free tv out there now i dont know why viewers put up with this, almost appeals to those who dont value their own time. Unfortunately CTV could help solve this problem but i see similar issues - Hulu may as well be called the progrssive insurance network as i must have had close to 1000 ads in the last two years AND ad buyers arent buying lower (but probably good audience spots) on the likes of Peacock (ryder cup and premier league soccer are examples of no ads running). Marketers are inherently fiscally wasteful, particularly those who are "brand building".

  • Publicis' Tom Goodwin, Opponent Of Cancel Culture, Falls Victim To It by Joe Mandese (MediaDailyNews on 08/05/2020)

    I followed Tom and enjoyed his views. His posts were becoming more and more about the pandemic and less about business. One day he commented that so many articles were pandemic specific. I pointed out that he was guilty of the same thing. Tom removed me as a follower. So this is not a surprise to me. Go have a vacation.

  • Video Ad World Will Change More In Next 6 Months Than In Past 6 Years by Dave Morgan (Media Insider on 07/16/2020)

    What does normal TV viewing mean? Netflix in 6 years has gone from a 5billion cap to a $200 billion cap. Along with rise that comes a tonne of TV viewing time by users that isnt on normal networks at prior levels AND their share price keeps rising indicating more success.In addition to that you have Amazon and Hulu that have grown significantly with all the new entrants (HBO/CBS/ Peacock/ Apple). So for any stability to exisit in linear the overall video consumption would have to risie signifivantly, or as more likely more consumption by a smaller audience. Hence ridiculous ad frequencies. I wonder how many CMO still do not look at ad frequencies by audience, based on the consultancy projects i have been on, i suspect it is too many.

  • SVOD Vs. Traditional Pay TV: Do You Get What You Pay For? by Wayne Friedman (TV Watch on 12/11/2019)

    I dont know why people think that consumers need to be subscribing to multiple services to get all of their content. I dropped pay tv ages ago and there is more than enough on amazon prime and netflix to watch with an antenna for locals only. If you have young kids, add disney or if you have superhero fetish. The open switch is sports and how that evolves. I would argue that netflix and amazon need to market their content better. They should be publishing an online version of entertainment weekly,  tied to their content to encourage retention and stickiness.They have my email adress after  all.

  • A Potential New NFL Move: Each Team Going D2C For TV by Wayne Friedman (TV Watch on 12/05/2019)

    If you look at what is happening with soccer in The UK, where Amazon have started to participate alongside incumbents, you have to believe all will change.

  • Streaming Wars Demand A Game Plan: Ad-Supported Or No Ads by Wayne Friedman (TV Watch on 12/04/2019)

    The lazy, high reach, low cpm tv buy will go away replaced by fragmented, targeted, higher CPMs, operated through technology.

  • It's Time To Integrate CTV Into TV Ad Ecosystem by Dave Morgan (Media Insider on 11/14/2019)

    Fraud isnt acceptable in any manner, what concerns me more is the lack of education and knowledge in this space to ensure the right questions are asked brand to seller. 

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