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Patrick Stroh

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I lead the analysis practice area, and its focus on accelerating data / analytics maturation and performance marketing.

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  • Report Finds Marketers Still Lack Necessary Media Skills by Richard Whitman (Mediapsssst on 04/25/2019)

    Ed / James / Michael -- excellent comments / insights.  Many media managers / directors do not have the skills to either execute (or train someone) digital execution.  They are swept up in "big questions" about content and strategy (albeit important considerations).  Then you look under the hood at how things are actually being executed (by either noobs or cynical agencies) ... ouch.  

  • Millennials Aren't The Problem, They're The Answer by Sarah Clark (Marketing Insider on 04/17/2019)

    "As a result, Häagen-Dazs sales increased by as much as 50% in some markets, all because the brand shifted with consumers."  From what I read, part of that was shifting from TV to digital channels (Instagram, etc.) and also different influencers (sponsorships too) and packaging (which fit into your thesis about selling to millenials).  What I don't read is what changed in terms of budgets ... did they increase their budgets by X% (as brands often do when they do brand relaunches)?  I would bet they did, but have no backup except expectations/experience.  In any case, the "all because" seems pretty strong statement unless it rules out budget increases/reallocations.  But overall, I am in agreement; brands should obviously shift with consumer values, tastes, channels, etc.

  • Did Papa John's Former Ad Agency Try To Blackmail The Pizza Chain? by Richard Whitman (Mediapsssst on 07/16/2018)

    You got that right Douglas.

  • Human-Like AI Robots Ring Your Phone -- Are Brands Ready? by Laurie Sullivan (Search Insider on 05/10/2018)

    It's an impresisve display of technology (including mmms and huhs - naturalistic interjections), but can we possibly imagine the reaction of people who "discover" (maybe even ask) they are talking to a robot.  "So, are you a robot?"  I presume Duplex will answer "Yes, I am ... [followed by some statement about convenience]."  The "Press 1 for customer service" tangle will become even more interesting.  But then of course the brand robot willbe talking with the customer avatar/robot ...

  • Terms Of Abuse by Sarah Fay (AI Insider on 03/29/2018)

    Good article.  Thanks.  Will share.

  • Facebook Explains Data Collection, Claims It's No Different From Rivals by Gavin O'Malley (Social Media Insider on 04/18/2018)

    You nailed it, Dan.  (Ghostery is a nice little tool, eh?)  What's also fun is to watch the continuing stream of companies advertising on LinkedIn etc. that claim those same "repulsive" tracking features ... aka people based marketing, people / device graphs, etc.  The amusing part of course will be how FB's treatment of this issue will actually spill over into all these other companies ... (I wonder what they think of that!).

  • Senator, We Run Ads by Joe Mandese (Red, White & Blog on 04/11/2018)

    Great commentary.  Thanks.Facebook of a course has a huge head start over any (albeit unlikely now) competitor that would have to a) be subject to tighter regulatory scrutiny, and/or b) require payment for platform use.  Either way, I see FB winning.

  • Why Marketing Attribution Projects Fail by Joel Acheson (MAD on 03/28/2018)

    Largely agree; nice job summarizing.  Any and all of these of course have a "tech solution" (except the privacy regulations / consumer acceptance of tracking).  But it seems the ad tech stack is changing faster than the ability to design robust attribution platforms.

  • Zuckerberg Has Left The Building by Gavin O'Malley (Social Media Insider on 03/21/2018) other campaigns and consultants too)

  • Zuckerberg Has Left The Building by Gavin O'Malley (Social Media Insider on 03/21/2018)

    Does FB know what all of its data partners, etc etc. are doing with its data?  I think not.  Are there some other dumpster fires beginning to smolder?

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