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Kevin Lee

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Kevin Lee is Co-Founder and Executive Chairman of Didit a leading digital marketing and technology firm started in 1996. Didit has made 11 acquisitions transforming from an SEO/SEM search marketing boutique into a one-stop-shop full service marketing firm. Kevin invents platforms for Didit and for clients. Kevin co-founded We-Care generating $8+ million for nonprofits via cause-marketing, and was a founding board member. A Digital Marketing pioneer, Kevin gives back with 4 books, 500+speaking engagements, and 750+ published columns. More recently, Kevin started a cause marketing nonprofit, Kevin received his MBA from Yale, lives in Scarsdale with his wife and two kids.

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  • Why I Don't Love Slack Like I Used To by Dave Morgan (Media Insider on 08/12/2021)

    LOL. Hi Ed... Dave outlined the problem fairly well. Sure, he was the only person in America that watched that much of the Olympics, but you reach a saturation point (at different points based on viewership density) at which the media dollars could have been better allocated. Would the Olympics even have been in my TV plan had I been given the profile of the buyers (decision-makers) and influencers for a Slack purchase? Not sure.  To your point, there may have been a TON of value add that forced the deal to blanket the event.

  • Why I Don't Love Slack Like I Used To by Dave Morgan (Media Insider on 08/12/2021)

    @john Grono.  I don't see programmatic (particularly not display and online RTB video) as the solution eitehr.  OTT and CTV to autenticated set-top boxes using addressable households (and sometimed individualized eitehr anonomized or not) allows for frequency capping and better targeting. And even if targeting isn't as important to a specific wide-audience advertiser, frequency capping is there. And frequency overload was Dave's primary issue.  

  • Social Media Reflects Rights Vs. Obligations Split by Gord Hotchkiss (Media Insider on 08/17/2021)

    Ryan Holiday is a gun-toting Texan, but also a Stoic and a big beliver in social responsibiulity. Also one of the best philosophers of our time. Great post this week on a similar topic.

  • Why I Don't Love Slack Like I Used To by Dave Morgan (Media Insider on 08/12/2021)

    It's lazy media planning / buying, pure and simple. Reach and frequency are 101 level concepts in media and regardless of whether or not you think the "right" daily impression cap is three and the weekly 8 or other numbers, it's just not an efficient deployment of media capital. Yes, tech can and will solve it, but not based on how "linear" TV is measured, sold, purchased, trafficked and reconciled currently.Lots of inertia. 

  • Gawker Is Returning With Leah Finnegan As Editor by Ray Schultz (Publishers Daily on 04/12/2021)

    We shall see. Re-launches have been planned before. It's an unusual brand, normal rules don't apply. 

  • DNC Wins First Night Of Convention Ratings, But Has Greater Rate Of Erosion From 2016 by Joe Mandese (Marketing Politics Weekly on 08/26/2020)

    Not a single person I know in any generation watched on TV. Some watched YouTube, others FB live. Until Neilsen can deliver ratings data across platforms, their data is of limited use.

  • In July, All Of Facebook Will Be 'Brand Unsafe' by Kevin Lee (MediaDailyNews on 06/29/2020)

    Ford, Clorox, Adidas just joined. It will be most important to see what happens after July 1 if the consumers seeing ads on Facebook actually start emailing CMOs at the brands and shaming brands about supporting hate by advertising on FB. The level of $+!^-show will be driven by how well the ADL shames brands into joining the boycott late.  Many brands will position their compliance as non-political by cutting all social media spend for brand safety purposes. 

  • Cook To Zuckerberg: 'I Told You So' by Gavin O'Malley (Mobile Insider on 03/29/2018)

    Cook has the luxury of taking the "privacy high road" because his customers spend thousands with Apple. Even if all the customer data were sold it would be inconsequential.  What FB needs is a paid consumer version where your data isn't shared and ads are supressed. $3-5 a month, or do a combo deal with content providers and become Facebook Prime (privacy plus access to throusands of shows)

  • Why I Reported Trump To Twitter -- And Why You Should, Too by Joe Mandese (Red, White & Blog on 01/03/2018)

    Sort of a cop-out, as I predicted money "trumps" policy.

  • Why I Reported Trump To Twitter -- And Why You Should, Too by Joe Mandese (Red, White & Blog on 01/03/2018)

    I like to think that Twitter might do something, but unfortunately Trump is the best thing that ever happened to Twitter. So, unless people defect by the millions in protest, I'm not hopeful. 

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