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  • If You Want Hispanics, Buy Hispanic in Engage:Hispanics on 03/28/2016

    Brand connections start with speaking the same language.

  • NBC@Sochi: Learning to Crawl?  in MediaDailyNews on 02/25/2014

    NBCU paid $775 million for the rights to broadcast the Sochi Olympics, and an estimated $250 more to produce the coverage. That translated into over 500 televised hours and another 1,500 streamed live online. So why, after all of that coverage - and all of Comcast's money - did my family feel under-served as a viewing household?

  • The Pastry Economics Of Television in MediaDailyNews on 03/16/2012

    By investing in spot TV rather than network scatter, advertisers will get more for their money.

  • Occupy Television: They Are the 4% in MediaDailyNews on 02/03/2012

    Even with TiVo, about 40% of TV is consumed live. But to make the inference that this behavior is representative of all DVR users is most likely unwise, since TiVo owners have to make the conscious decision to purchase a TiVo unit.

  • Fit To Be Untied: Come Home To Free TV in MediaDailyNews on 01/19/2012

    When you're ready to get into a more lasting relationship, broadcast television will be there for you. All the Housewives are still Desperate, the food stays in Hell's Kitchen, and you'll see so many more live sports -- the major sports, not the JV version -- that you'll forget that you haven't seen a ghost hunter or a shark marathon since you cut the cord.

  • Extending The Normal Madness  in TV Board on 03/25/2011

    But since I can't totally ignore March Madness, due to its ever-present availability -- with every game to be seen on CBS, TNT, TBS and truTV -- I decided that I needed to embrace the platform and see how it could be adapted to other regular broadcasting. Outside of perhaps Butler, truTV has had the most upside from the tournament than anyone. Its shared coverage of games has been the biggest ratings draw in the network's history. That got me thinking: What other networks could benefit from a similar content partnership?

  • 12 Steps Of A Tiger in TV Board on 03/10/2011

    It's time to admit that we're powerless over our addiction and give ourselves over to a higher power. That's right; it's time to break our national dependence upon Charlie Sheen.

  • Saving Face At Nielsen in TV Board on 03/04/2011

    For those of us who are in the business of television, Nielsen is, for better or for worse, a large part of our daily lives. We recite their ratings as if it were some sort of gospel -- although you'd be hard-pressed to find many devout believers in the Holy Methodology these days. We're more an industry full of agnostics : we'll attend your church because it's where we were raised, but we're really not sure that we totally believe the scripture.

  • Jefferson On Media: Tweets Of The (Founding) Father in TV Board on 02/18/2011

    Thomas Jefferson's a busy guy for someone who's been dead for almost 200 years. His blog, Virginian Red, is one of the most-read on the eternal plain ( - don't bother checking the url. Heaven has its own AL domain, which is only available in the afterlife). So to help honor Presidents' Day on Monday, with a bit of luck (and a few well-connected Facebook friends' help), I had the opportunity to sit down with our country's third President to talk about television, Snooki, and why America's not so bad as we roll on towards our third century.

  • The Politics of Volume in TV Board on 02/11/2011

    The announcement of Keith Olbermann's signing with Current TV this week unfortunately made me think about the world of Infotainment, or OpinionNews, or whatever you want to call it. Now, it's easy to dismiss such a move by Olbermann as one of either hubris or desperation. Is this an act of someone who believes himself bigger than the medium, like Howard Stern and his jump to Sirius? Or is it a grasp to stay relevant, taking his opportunity in one of the only venues that didn't have a non-compete clause in his deal with MSNBC? Will the right have Keith Olbermann to kick around anymore?

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  • OK, I'm Back -- But Just For One Day by George Simpson (MediaDailyNews on 06/20/2022)

    Joe Mandese's editorial morality is unimpeachable. George - you're spot-on with this. Joe is extremely old-school in his ethics and we're all the beneficiaries. The industry is far better because of the man he's been throughout the years. 

  • It's The Stupidity, Stupid by Joe Mandese (Red, White & Blog on 07/30/2020)

    That's not a great look for local TV, Joe. It does, however, indicate an opportunity for campaigns to use local TV as an educational tool to keep them better informed - and maybe to increase voter turnout along the way.

  • This Would Have Been Upfront Week, If Not For COVID by Adam Buckman (TVBlog on 05/11/2020)

    Well said, Adam. I've ridden that emotional dread/miss/lament/excitement roller coaster of the Upfronts myself. Although they are a bit like an anachronistic walled garden circus tour, the events were a bit of normalcy (if you could actually refer to them as normal - perhaps more of a timing mechanism in some ways) that we all could probably use right now, in spite of ourselves. Althougth I'm not sure any of us would want to hear Kimmel rant for 20 minutes about celebrity Zoom videos.

  • Aloha, '0': Another 'Hawaii Five-0' In 2050 Seems Unlikely by Adam Buckman (TVBlog on 03/04/2020)

    I'm not anticipating much misty nostalgia that would create much demand for a new Fleabag in 2050. 

  • Marketers Share Their Stories Of September 11, 2001 by Laurie Sullivan (Search & Performance Marketing Daily on 09/11/2019)

    Thanks for this, Laurie. As I said elsewhere, those of us who are still spending much of our daily lives in Manhattan still duck a little bit when a plane flies a little too low.I post my personal account every year - incredibly to me, many of my contacts request that I do and remind me when I don't. I'll add the link here, in case you're interested.

  • CBS Strikes Deal With Nielsen, Ending 2-Week Impasse by Wayne Friedman (Television News Daily on 01/11/2019)

    Imagine the headlines, Twitter trolling and postulating had there not been any reported ratings for the Super Bowl this year.

  • Trump Claims Debate Microphone Was Defective by Philip Rosenstein (Around the Net In Marketing Politics on 09/27/2016)

    Unfortunately, I could hear him just fine.

  • Still Foggy About Donald Trump? Read This by Joe Mandese (Red, White & Blog on 03/17/2016)

    Aren't all those "Trump Brand" ties in the discount rack now, Ed? Or have they found a resurgence with the "angry disenfranchised voter who will wear whatever Donald Trump tells them to to make America great again" mob/constituency?

  • Still Foggy About Donald Trump? Read This by Joe Mandese (Red, White & Blog on 03/17/2016)

    Joe -Reading your take on media always gets my mind going and makes me a wee bit smarter about the industry. But it's when you interject on politics on the Red, White, and Blog, that's when your good work really influences the Greater Good. Fantastic piece. Like many others, I have serious reservations about our electing a Brand in Chief with clear sociopathic and megalomaniacal tendencies. The repurcussions of America gladly handing over the reins - as well as the nuclear football - over to such a self-promoting, LCD-placating bully is truly frightening. And the threat is all too real.But unlike the New Jersey Generals, the impact made by the real US Generals under his command would last far longer, and wouldn't just be a blip on his Wikipedia page, along with his laundry list of other business failures.Not that those are relevant anymore, now that there's that wall to build.

  • A Little Girl Takes On TV Violence - 43 Years Ago On 'Bewitched'! by Ed Martin (TVBlog on 06/23/2014)

    Well put, Ed. It just goes to show that social change - even on TV - doesn't happen just by magic. I hope my 8-year-old daughter's eyes are as open to these things today as Tabitha's were then. Although the chance of Punch & Judy hitting the airwaves again (pun intended) is about as likely as a three-net TV universe making a comeback. But seeing as though "Tom & Jerry" is still in heavy rotation in our house - thanks to Boomerang - there's still room for the "there's too much hitting on TV" argument for kids to work with. At least until "Game of Thrones - The Animated Series" hits the air. By then, our societal desensitization will be complete. If we haven't passed that point already, that is.

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