Daily Online Examiner Editions for December 2016
Daily Online Examiner - Friday, Dec. 23, 2016
Publishers Lobby Trump About Silicon Valley
California Pilot Pulled, Uber Sends Self-Driving Cars To Arizona
Facebook Agrees To Settle Class-Action Over Message Scans
Signal Messaging App Rolls Out Tool To Bypass Censors
British Retailer Apologizes Over Sexist Emails
DirecTV Now Customers Buffered By Glitches
Twitter Bug Inflates Ad View Numbers
Will Search Algorithms Detect Fake News?
Dynamic Ad Targeting Becomes Grinch That Stole Christmas
Daily Online Examiner - Thursday, Dec. 22, 2016
Amazon Ordered To Disclose Customers' Names
VidAngel Accused Of Flouting Shutdown Order
Hackers Erode Public Trust in Leaked Emails
Canada Says All Residents Entitled To High-Speed Broadband
Spammers Take to Hailstorm Spamming
Oracle Petitions FCC To Reconsider Broadband Privacy Rules
Search Engine Finds How Fake News Spreads (No, People Don't Search For It)
Special People Get Special Treatment On Facebook Live
Daily Online Examiner - Wednesday, Dec. 21, 2016
FCC Republicans Vow To Scrap Net Neutrality 'As Soon As Possible'
Hackers Take Over Netflix's Twitter Account
Uber Should Give Users More Control Over Location Tracking, Lawmaker Says
Orlando Victims' Families Sue Facebook, Twitter And Google
EU Approves Verizon's Yahoo Deal
Microsoft Scores Big Pentagon Contract
Google Sued By Employee For Taking Confidentiality Agreement Too Far
Russian Fraud Report Causes Ad Tech Firms To Double-Down
EU Flexing Its Privacy Muscles Right Up Until Brexit -- Thank Goodness
Liberals More Likely To Unfriend Over Politics
Daily Online Examiner - Tuesday, Dec. 20, 2016
Facebook Accused Of Misleading EU Regulators About WhatsApp
Judge To Decide Whether To Dismiss Washington AG Case Against Comcast
Social Media Linked To Lower Life Satisfaction In Kids
Turn Settles FTC Charges Over 'Supercookies'
News Editors Explain Why They Covered Stories That Stemmed From Stolen Emails
When Fake News is Just Propaganda
New York City Tests Smartphone-Connected Parking Meters
Yahoo's Stolen Email Data Sold to Spammers
NJ Assembly Backs Off Public Notice Change
Daily Online Examiner - Monday, Dec. 19, 2016
FTC Urged To Investigate Google Over 'Dangerously Invasive' Privacy Policy
'WaPo' Bows Automatic Fact Checker For Trump Tweets
Sex-Trafficking Victims Press Supreme Court To Hear Appeal Over Backpage Ads
No 'Sweetheart' Deal? Pull The Other One, Apple And Ireland
Wireless Broadband Company Starry Raises Additional $30 Million
Traditional Media Braces For 6% Ad Drop
Uber Defies California On Self-Driving Cars
Russian Hackers Spoofed Harvard Email Address
Apple Fighting EU Tax Bill
Twitter's Bot Problem
Germany Could Hit Facebook With Steep 'Fake News' Fines
Daily Online Examiner - Friday, Dec. 16, 2016
AT&T Isn't Backing Down On 'Data-Free TV'
Feds Charge Two 'Copyright Trolls' With Fraud
Twitter Cuts Off Data Access For Feds
Record Label Urges Supreme Court To Hear Appeal Over 'Golden Oldies'
Inside Trump's Meeting With Tech Titans
Evernote Weathers Privacy Snafu
Federal Judge Rules Against Apple In Patent Suit
Trump Reportedly Left Twitter Out Of Tech Meeting Due To Emoji Row
Facebook Miscalculates Instant Article Mobile Traffic
Daily Online Examiner - Thursday, Dec. 15, 2016
Open Internet Champion Wheeler To Leave FCC
Advocates Seek New Privacy Regulations For Health Wearables
Verizon May Walk Away From Yahoo
NJ Newspapers Could Lose Public Notice Biz
Obama Signs Law Protecting Consumers' Right To Post Reviews
House GOP Wants Regulations Undone On FDA, Climate, Uber
Investigators Find Security Flaws In Wisconsin Voting Machines
Eyes Viewed As Security Device For Smartphone
Facebook Attacks Fake News
Ransomware Email Tricks Consumers With Fake Credit Card Report
Daily Online Examiner - Wednesday, Dec. 14, 2016
Music Industry Lobbies Trump About Search Engines, Domain Registries
Yahoo Reveals New Data Breach
Ashley Madison Settles With FTC Over Hack
Tech Workers Say They Won't Create Database To Track Muslims
Rule Proposed To Connect Cars To Each Other In Real-Time
RNC Not Concerned Over Email Hack
91% of Cyber Attacks Stem From Phishing Emails
DMA Gives An Early Steer On The ePrivacy Directive
Supporters Give Trump Latitude, Twitter Nixed As Political Strategy
Study Finds Consumers Remain Confused By Native Ads
Civil Rights Groups Protest Boston PD's Social Media Monitoring Plan
Daily Online Examiner - Tuesday, Dec. 13, 2016
App Developer Duped Consumers With Fake Reviews, FTC Says
Judge Approves Gawker's $31 Million Settlement With Hulk Hogan
Judge Urged To Approve $1 Million Adware Settlement
Judge Prohibits VidAngel From Operating Streaming Video Service
Senate Fails To Reconfirm Democratic FCC Commissioner
Trump To Hold Tech Summit On Wednesday
Should Facebook Buy Back Stolen Data From Dark Web?
Reviewers Using Bad Reviews As Revenge
BPA Worldwide Launches TAG Certification Toolkit
Twitter Pulls Data Access Over Surveillance Concerns
Daily Online Examiner - Monday, Dec. 12, 2016
Google Privacy Chief Slams French Regulators Over Censorship Demands
Supreme Court Won't Hear DMA Challenge To Colorado Web Tax Law
Verizon Won't Brick Samsung Galaxy Note 7
Backpage Execs Cleared Of 'Pimping' Charges
Twitter Restores Account Of White Nationalist Figure
Study Finds Ad Fraud In More Than Half Of Uncertified Apps
Trump To Hold Tech Summit On Wednesday
Twitch Targets Trolls With New Tool
Yahoo Fixes Critical Email Hack Vulnerability
Twitter Pulls Data Access Over Surveillance Concerns
Can Consumers Be Scared Into Not Buying Counterfeit Goods?
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