Daily Online Examiner Editions for February 2017
Daily Online Examiner - Monday, Feb. 13, 2017
Senators Criticize Yahoo For Failing To Provide Data Breach Details
Ajit Pai Clams Up On Net Neutrality Repeal Strategy
Blackburn Aims To Revoke Broadband Privacy Rules
Oracle Appeals Pro-Google Decision In Copyright Battle
Search Engines To Ban Torrent Sites From Serving In Results
Macy's Outranks Nordstrom Web Traffic To Ivanka Trump Brand Pages
Google Ordered To Pay In Patent Infringement Case
How Companies Can Protect Themselves From Malware
Fake News Scores Top Earned Media Ratings
Google Warns Journalists Of State-Sponsored Email Phishing Attacks
Breakthrough: Facebook Agrees To Be Audited By Media Rating Council
Daily Online Examiner - Friday, Feb. 10, 2017
Charter Sued Over 'Illegitimate' WiFi Activation Fee
Google Has First Amendment Right To Remove Sites From Search Results
Facebook Adds Audit, Third-Party Ad Verification
Texas Cyberbullying Proposal Takes Aim At Online Anonymity
NBA Bans Social Media Trash Talk
AT&T Expects To Close Time Warner Acquisition This Year
VR Gets Bloodied By The Law
WhatsApp Unveils Tight Security Measure
Conde Nast Acquires CitizenNet, Expands Ad Targeting
New Phishing Attacks Target Cloud Storage
Brands Inadvertently Fund Hate And Terror With Ads
Bernie Sanders Holds On To Email List For Now
Daily Online Examiner - Thursday, Feb. 9, 2017
Microsoft Can Proceed With Suit Over DOJ 'Gag' Orders
ReDigi Renews Battle With Capitol Over 'Used' iTunes Tracks
FTC's McSweeny And Rep. Palone Defend Broadband Privacy Rules
Virginia Lawmakers Pass New Muni-Broadband Rules
Social Media Phishing Soars, New Trend Is Fake Customer Service
Facebook Probes Ad Discrimination, Updates Guidelines
Spammers Can Spoof Gmail Accounts, Researcher Says
Amazon Spoofed Ad Tops Google Search Results
Nordstrom Denies Immigration Email Is Tied to Ivanka
EU Privacy Laws Challenge Ad Tech Companies
Daily Online Examiner - Wednesday, Feb. 8, 2017
Backpage Hit With Two New Lawsuits
Watchdog Sides Against Comcast Over Broadband Ads
FCC Must Now Vote On Settlements
Google Fights FBI Order To Hand Over Non-US Emails
Bing Refuses To Run 7 Million Ads For Misleading Content In 2016
Retailers and Consumers Face Ecommerce Fraud Threat
Melania Trump Sues 'Daily Mail' For Libel, Again
#DeleteUber Deletes Sentiment For Ride-Sharing Service, Lifts Lyft's
Tech Giants Donate To Trump Inauguration Prior To Immigration Rant
DHS May Require Social Media Passwords From Some Travelers
Daily Online Examiner - Tuesday, Feb. 7, 2017
Consumer Protection Chief Jessica Rich Exits FTC
Google's $5.5 Million Safari Hack Settlement Gains Final Approval
Twitter Cracks Down On Abusive Tweets
Melania Trump Settles With Blogger Over Defamation Claim
'TheWrap' Adds First Amendment Reporter
The Email Edge: Privacy Across The Pond
Are Top iOS Vulnerable To Hackers?
Jawbone Shifting Away From Consumer Wearables
Snap's Lone Female Board Member Makes Less Than Her Male Colleagues
Daily Online Examiner - Monday, Feb. 6, 2017
Advocates Urge FCC To Leave Privacy Rules In Place
Vizio Agrees To Pay $2.2 Million, Destroy Consumer Data
Silicon Valley Fights Trump's Travel Ban
Pai Scales Back Net Neutrality Enforcement, Endorses 'Data-Free TV'
Netflix Hit With Patent Suit Over Downloads
Unlocked Phones Equal Higher Satisfaction
Judge Says Google Must Surrender Emails to FBI
Google, Facebook Fighting 'Fake News' In France
Wild Outcomes, More Confusing Trump Tweets
Daily Online Examiner - Thursday, Feb. 2, 2017
Ohlhausen Outlines Privacy Approach, Focus On 'Concrete' Harms
Yahoo Wins Battle Over Unwanted Texts
Consumer Technology Association Testifies Against Privacy Rules
Industry Groups Highlight Challenges From Drones
Facebook Benefiting From Mobile, Political Rhetoric In Feeds
Facebook Opens Its Black Box To Prevent Advertisers From Avoiding Audience Network
Tech Giants To Challenge Trump On Immigration
Electronic Privacy On The Congressional Agenda
Berkeley Cancels Yiannopoulos, Trump Lashes Out
Daily Online Examiner - Wednesday, Feb. 1, 2017
Industry Starts Enforcing Cross-Device Privacy
Time Warner Cable Sued Over Broadband Ads
Grindr Sued For Failing To Remove Fake Profiles
Game Developer Prevails In Privacy Battle Over Faceprints
Facebook challenges email for control of your online identity
Consumers Warm To Sharing Smart Device Data
Affils Need A Deal So OTTs Can Carry, Everywhere
Data Misuse Sees 11 More Charities Facing ICO Fines
Ad Blocking Grows Globally, But U.S. Lags - For Now
Data Becomes 'Pillar' Of Advertising In 2017
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