Email Marketing Daily Editions for December 2012
Email Marketing Daily - Tuesday, Dec. 11, 2012
Yahoo Mail Gets A Refresh
Big Data Means Big Opportunities For Email Marketers
Consumers Favor Mobile For Email
Email Remains Key Platform For Brands
Email Marketers Debate Volume's Relation To Revenue
December 12 is Second Annual No Email Day
The Complications of Email in an Increasingly Cloudy World
NSA Whistleblower Claims "Everyone" Is Under Email Surveillance Gets Extra Anti-phishing and Scam-deterrent Support
Emailvision; Dean Mansfield and Jim Beach
Quick Phone Response Plus Emails Improves Lead Conversion
Silverpop's McDonald Only One To Use 'F' Word
Obama Campaign Email Efforts Faced Super PAC Hurdles
Tiring emails? Personalized email?
Better Email Engagement Metrics Needed
Picks of the 25 Great Ideas That I Think Have Value
Did The Obama Campaign Send Too Much Email?
Start-Up Might Build Engagement In Gmail
Engagement.. or email engagement?
Cisco Pins Social Site As Offering Opportunity
'Hell Yea' Obama Campaign Email Worked
Up To 60% Of Email Opened On A Mobile Device
Defining What An 'Inactive' Is Could Be Beneficial
Just a few words on Relevance
Go Test Young Men And Women
Technology & Content Enable Subscriber Connection
Samson: Data Not Creepy If It Leads To Relevant Messaging
Email Debate Over Frequency Continues (Probably Always Will)
A WOW Re-election Story: Email Marketing Essential to Politcal Campaigns
Big Data Can Bring Holy Grail Of Marketing
Email Is A Strong Tool to Socialize the Enterprise
Shumeyko: Data Capture Opportunities Give Email Advantage Over Social
Big Data Not New, Just Moving Faster
Acxiom's Baker Jokes About Sin City
Email Marketing Daily - Monday, Dec. 10, 2012
Email Triggered Click Rate Rises Nearly 115%
Microsoft Ramps Up Promotion, Targets Gmail Users
Why You Can Never Truly Delete Your Email
Email Open Rates Rise to 27.2%, Click Rates Rise for First Time In a Year
Are Insurance Marketers Sending Too Many Emails?
Perspective At 8,000 Feet
Tips for Handling Gmail's Outage
Data Shows Young Professionals Will Trade Data For Cash
Silverpop's McDonald Breaks The Rule Early
Picks of the 25 Great Ideas That I Think Have Value
Email Offers Platform For Consumers To Share Information
Silverpop's McDonald Only One To Use 'F' Word
Just a few words on Relevance
Kordek Get Into "The Spirit of Social"
Cisco Pins Social Site As Offering Opportunity
Stewart: Summit To Offer Food For Thought
Trends Are Coming Fast At Email Summit
The Ties Should Bind Email To Social
Shumeyko: A Customer Spring Has Emerged
Thoughts On Email Relevancy
Email promo: Look at the Really Big Picture
People Share Personal Data On Email, A Boon For Email Marketers
LivingSocial's Lovallo: Less Mail, Lower Revenues
Email Is A Strong Tool to Socialize the Enterprise
Email Marketing Daily - Friday, Dec. 7, 2012
Email Consumption Soars On Mobile
ReTargeter Targets Display Ads by Email Address
3 New Features Graduate out of Gmail Labs and Into Gmail
7 Email Publishers Profiting From Newsletters
Army Pranks Navy with Football-themed Email
5 Common Holiday Email Mistakes - And How to Overcome Them
Email Marketing Daily - Thursday, Dec. 6, 2012
44% Shopped on Cyber Monday Because of Email
Mobile Email Opens During Cyber Week Jump 50 Percent Y-O-Y
Message Bus Bets Its Cloud-Native Infrastructure Will Improve Email Delivery
Is Marketing the New Finance?
80% Suffer from Email Apnea
Lebanese Government Attempted To Gain Access to All Citizens' Email, Social Media Passwords
The ABCs Of Email Marketing
The 5 Most Persuasive Words in the English Language
Email Marketing Daily - Wednesday, Dec. 5, 2012
Smaller Tablets Used Less for Email, More for Social Media
Segmented Emails Lift Open Rates by 30%, Clicks by 50%
SalesForce's Social Media Marketing Play
Online Americans Prefer Receiving Marketing Info Via Postal Mail Than Email
Avoiding Unfortunate Email Timing
Surprises And Non-Surprises During Holiday Season So Far
Email Marketing Daily - Tuesday, Dec. 4, 2012
Subject Line Symbols Reduce Spam Rate, Boost Engagement Metrics Launches as First ESP to Use Amazon Web Services for Email Sending
Facebook Takes a Swing at SMS and Email with Facebook Messenger for Android Update
Cloud-based SendGrid & Twilio Partner on Email, SMS, & Voicemail Messaging
Facebook Voting Begins on Email Privacy
Surprises And Non-Surprises During Holiday Season So Far
Marketers Sought for 2013 Email Benchmarking Survey
Email Marketing Daily - Monday, Dec. 3, 2012
Thanksgiving Week Records All-Time High Retail Email Volume
Purchased Email Produces More Leads, Higher Quality Than Social Media, Direct Mail and Telemarketing
Texting Twice As Popular as Mobile Email Among All Age Groups
Trustifi Earns Patent for Postmarked Email
Return Path Ranked 12th Best Place to Work in NYC by Crain's
Why Email Is Not 'Either-Or'
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