Marketing D2C Weekly Editions for May 2020
Marketing D2C Weekly - Tuesday, May 26, 2020
'Everybody's Watching': Turns To TV Ads
In New TV Ads, Mercari Opts For Upbeat
Wldkat Skincare Launch Leverages Influencers In Their 'Natural Habitat'
Delta Had Its Song --- Was Walmart's Song?
Can JC Penney Ever Be Saved?
Group Says Its Crowdsource Solution Can Keep Emails Out Of The Spam Folder
COVID-19 Outbreak Prompts Shift In Email Strategy, List Firm Says
Pandemic Email Flurry: Send And Open Rates Rose in April
The Old Reliable: Salesforce Study Shows Email Still Ranks High In Marketing Use
Marketing D2C Weekly - Monday, May 18, 2020
Farfetch Proves That In Hard Times, It's Fun To Be Fancy
Headspace Takes To TV, Offers Free 'Oms' For Unemployed
Want To Avoid Becoming A Social Media Pariah?
Email Volume And Engagement Grew In March And April, Study Says
The Best Of The Best? Forrester Ranks Email Vendors
The Long Arm Of The Law: New Privacy Rules Have The Most Impact On Email
D2C Brands Drive The Highest Traffic To Their Sites
Stocking The Larder: The Basics Are Still Dominating Ecommerce, Study Shows
Marketing D2C Weekly - Monday, May 11, 2020
In Shutdown, ThirdLove Customers Crave Comfort And Sunshine
Wayfair Sales Surge, But Marketing Devours Profits
Zappos' Culture Code: Knowledge, Power, Presence, Harmony
Downturn Marketing: Reaching Workers And The Unemployed At Home
Silo Disconnect: Mobile And Email Operate On Separate Tracks, Study Finds
Adding Heft To Your Email List: Tricks And Tools For Luring Subscribers
Why American Companies Are Researching More D2C, Less Retargeting Post-Pandemic
Marketing D2C Weekly - Monday, May 4, 2020
Cheers, Y'all: From Wine Subscriptions To Liver Woes
Amazon Sales Soar, But Profits Pinched
The Naked Market: Launch Multiple, Socially Conscious Brands -- And Do It Fast
Target's Ecommerce Soars; Walmart Launches Neighbor-To-Neighbor Push
Chasing The Comeback: What Email Marketers Should Do As Business Reopens
Email Delivery, Rain Or Shine: Getting Your Emails Into The Inbox
The COVID-19 Script: How To Act On The Changing Email Response In April
Brands Are Using More Data And Spending More On It: Study
Amazon: How Well Will The Ecommerce King Navigate COVID-19?
Pandemic Moves Experiential Retail Online