Marketing Daily Editions for June 2016
Marketing Daily - Thursday, June 16, 2016
VW Unveils Radical New Strategy And 'Mindset' For Next Decade
U.S. Shoppers Shift To Quality Over Price; Whole Foods In Hot Water
Enterprise Rent-A-Car Teams With 'Star Trek'
TV Advertising Improves Apps' Chances
Bermuda Tourism Partners With Uber
Disney Donates $1 Million For Orlando Shooting Victims
Buster Posey Expands Deal With Under Armour
Allstate Focuses On Financial Domestic Abuse
What Americans Really Do With Their Sneakers
Ford Fusion Named Safest Vehicle
Charlie Sheen, Promoting Safe Sex, Backs New Condom
Marketing Daily - Wednesday, June 15, 2016
Ban On Body-Shaming Ads Puts Protein World In Spotlight Again
Wayfair Debuts New Ads And Augmented Reality
Audi Hosts Online Forza MotorSport Endurance Race
ESports Audiences More Than Meets The Eye
Esurance Partners With Minor League Baseball
Marriott, Chase Smooth Path To Unplug On Vacation
Orlando Brands Respond to Tragedy at Pulse Nightclub
Chevrolet Replaces Kid Rock With Luke Bryan
Pets Before Profits: The $40 Million Gamble That Paid Off
How China Won Keys To Disney's Magic Kingdom
Why Don't Mazda And Toyota Cars Have Apple CarPlay?
Should We Really Be Crossing Devices?
Marketing Daily - Tuesday, June 14, 2016
Wanting To Get Into The Loop, McDonald's Exiting Oak Brook
Tesla, Amazon, YouTube Top LGBT-Perceived Brands
Daddy-O Dollars Day: Stores Expect Record Father's Day Spending
Silk Taps Venus Williams, DJ Khaled To Celebrate Plant Power
Fitness Trackers Holding Off Smartwatches
Heineken Signs On As Formula One Sponsor
Target Rolls Out Connected Home Display
Lenovo Aims At Home Remodels
Detroit Zoo's Marketing Highlights Conservation
London Mayor Bans Body Shaming Ads
Experiential Love For NY
Marketing Daily - Monday, June 13, 2016
Siri Expected To Be Center Stage As Apple Developers Gather
Lexus Plans U.S. Open Activities
Sonic Videos Feature Comedians' Mouths Doing Improv
Valspar Removes Pain From Choosing Paint
Pennzoil Adds To Joyride Series
SOG Targets Broader Base For Its Knives And Tools
Fiat Owner's Manual Commented On Women's Legs
Lands' End Looks To Surf, Sports, Athleisure
When The Lone Ranger And Gracie Allen Pitched Products
NBA Releases Emoji App For Finals
WPP's Geometry, Unilever Join To Teach Marketing
Gawk At This
Marketing Daily - Friday, June 10, 2016
Thomas Perkins, Who Seeded The Growth Of Silicon Valley, 84
Jockey Shows What's Underneath
Pantene Taps R&B Babe Jillian Hervey
Chevrolet Defends Viral Silverado Effort
Soda Consumption Being Surpassed By Bottled Water
Literacy Partners Focuses On Parental Illiteracy
Nike Continues Sharapova Sponsorship
Nissan Highlights Cars' Ability To 'Take On' Challenges
American Apparel Tries To Restore Image
Snapchat Beats Instagram In Time Spent In App
A Truce In War On Ad Blockers
Bots, Don't Fail Me Now! A Letter From Facebook Prison
America's Favorite Beer
Dos Toros Takes On Chipotle In New Campaign
Marketing Daily - Thursday, June 9, 2016
Chevy Is Punching Holes - Literally - In 'Built Ford Tough'
Orville Redenbacher's Launching 'Ghostbusters' Sweeps
Verizon Says Its Network 'Is Better Than Yours'
Ralph Lauren Hopes Big Cuts Will Buff Up Its Brand
TD Ameritrade Aids Olympic Hopefuls
Toyota Leads Autos In BrandZ's Top 100
In TrainerTribute, Reebok Gives Props To Pros
Newark Museum Campaign Tweaks Billboards
GoPro, A-B, Red Bull Lead Action Sports Sponsors
Pepsi Sued Over Super Bowl Ad
Philly Takes First Step In Taxing Soda
Five Questions With Mazda Marketing VP
The Food Marketing Myths We've All Swallowed Whole
Physical Stores Stay Relevant
Marketing Daily - Wednesday, June 8, 2016
Keurig Yanks Kold Machines, Vows To Continue 'Reimagining'
General Mills Woos Gen Y With First New Cereal Brand In 15 Years
W Hotels Partners With Artist For Snapchat Campaign
Stores Should Shake Their Millennial Myopia
Tech Brands Pay For Poor Support Services
Yelp Uses Humor To Show How It Can Help
AK-47 Maker Looks to Rebrand
Consumers Vexed By Chip Cards
Lincoln Marketing Chief Departs For Ford Europe
GM CEO Says Automaker Is 'Undervalued'
Soldiers Could Soon Wear New Balance
Marketing Daily - Tuesday, June 7, 2016
Revenue-Based AAdvantage Program Cleared For Takeoff
T-Mobile Takes Over Tuesdays For Customer Thanks
Will Gen Y Ever Crave Diamonds?
Dunkin' Launches Inspirational #KeepOn Campaign
Jeep Teams With USA Basketball's Paul George
Verizon's 'Can You Hear Me?' Guy Now At Sprint
Tom's Of Maine Expands Clothing Line
Vernors Ginger Ale Celebrates 150th Birthday
Americans Buy Four-Millionth Hybrid Vehicle
Hotels Aim To Stand Out With Local Art
Insta-fails: So Many Have Bungled Their Rebranding
Tequila Maker Likens Distilling Process To An Art Form
Marketing Daily - Monday, June 6, 2016
Fadell Leaves Nest Eschewing 'Maintenance Mode'
Humboldt Redwood Employs Unique 'Spokesperson'
Walmart Adds Uber; Target Leaves Curbside
AT&T Gives Customers A 'Thank You'
Ritz Debuting New 'Life's Rich' Creative
Danica Patrick Stars In Life Insurance Effort
Adidas Shares Video Of New Yeezy Boost 750
NFL Joins With Disney, ESPN For Pro Bowl
McDonald's Opens Aussie Location That Only Serves Fries
Saks Supplies Bedding For United's Business Class
Samsung's New Earbuds Play Tunes
The Child Explains It All
Marketing Daily - Friday, June 3, 2016
Roger Enrico, Who Took Pepsi To The Blink Of Victory, 71
Walmart Re-Embraces The Complexity Of The Smiley Face
Air Canada Encourages Potential Movers To Visit
Mazda Focuses On Craftsmanship For CX-9 Launch
Allstate's Black Cat To Predict Soccer Tournament Losses
Bud Light's Latest 'Party' TV Ad Celebrates Gay Marriage
Snapchat Passes Twitter In Users
New Emojis Coming To Phones Everywhere
The Marketing Guide To Reddit
State Farm, A-B, Gatorade Lead NBA Sponsorship Spend To Record $799M
Former P&G Exec To Become Cooper Tire CMO
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