Marketing Politics Daily Editions for January 2016
Marketing Politics Daily - Friday, Jan. 29, 2016
Cruz Takes Center Stage At Last GOP Debate Pre-Iowa Caucuses
Biden Muses About Republicans With House Democrats
Trump's Absence Tests Whether Debates Can Thrive Without Him
Some Democrats Say Media May Be Overselling Sanders Support
Coming Soon: Big Shift In How Political Marketers Buy Media
The FBI's Clinton Email Investigation Continues
Randy Goes All Sarah Palin On Us
Google Faces MPs On 'Sweetheart' Tax Deal
Data Can Reinforce, but It Can Also Surprise
Reeling In Your Reality TV Star! You Know, The One Running For President
Rubicon Survey Flags Shifts In Voters' Media Habits
Marketing Politics Daily - Thursday, Jan. 28, 2016
Study: Sanders Ads Are Most Effective
Last Ditch GOP Ads Focus On Immigration
Trump's Absence Tests Whether Debates Can Thrive Without Him
After Meeting With President Obama, Sanders Says POTUS Not Taking Sides
For Fox News, It's All Kicking And Streaming
Data Breach Made Government Emails Readable by Hackers
How Do Presidential Candidates' Messages Resonate With Teens?
Email to Get Biggest Budget Increases in 2016
Swiss Government Can Now Conduct Email Surveillance
IAB: Identifying Cross-Channel Audiences Key To Marketers In 2016
Marketing Politics Daily - Wednesday, Jan. 27, 2016
IAB: Digital, Mobile Rival TV As Political Info Source
Strong TV Scatter Market Continues In Early 2016
Rubio Sees Path To Nomination Despite Difficulties
Trump Snubs Thursday's GOP Debate, Cruz Wants One-On-One
Social Media Is Persuasive Form Of Digital Democracy
Google Experiments With Content For Political-Related Searches
Social(Media)ist! Bernie Using Snapchat Ads In Iowa
Why Brands Still Underinvest In Mobile
Marketing Politics Daily - Tuesday, Jan. 26, 2016
Democratic Candidates Amicably Stand Ground At CNN Town Hall
Snickers' Super Bowl Ad Spoofs Monroe's JFK 'Happy Birthday' Serenade
'Washington Post' Updates Classic iPad app, Issues Delete If Left Unopened
Sen. Elizabeth Warren Probably Won't Endorse Hillary Clinton
Trump, Cruz Virtually Even In Iowa
Bernie's Pulling Out All The Snaps, Snapchat Videos, That Is
Reporter Accuses State Department of Tampering With Release of Clinton Emails
The Marketing Stack Is Dead
Canadian Newspapers Reeling From Bad News
Marketing Politics Daily - Monday, Jan. 25, 2016
Christie Talks Tough On Crime, But Vetoes Bipartisan Gun Control Measures
Ad Industry Could Face Talent Shortage, Says New IAB Chair Wiener
Bloomberg Eyes Run For The White House
Voting Millennials
More Ad Dollars Focus On Reaching Millennials On Mobile
Hillary Clinton Endorsed By 'Boston Globe'
GOP Senators Say People Don't Need 25 Mbps Broadband
Rick Perry Endorses Ted Cruz
Gen Z Is Coming To Town; How You Can Prepare Now
Edward Snowden Calls ISIS Email Encryption Fake
Marketing Politics Daily - Friday, Jan. 22, 2016
Privacy Worries: Politicians Collect Our Data-Then Can Sell It
Sanders Leads Clinton In Iowa By 8 Points
Star-Spangled Speaking: Sarah Palin, Unplugged
'National Review' Comes Out Against Trump
The Death Of Media In The Age Of Trump
Former Defense Secretary Said Enemies Likely Tried to Hack Clinton's Email Server
FTC To Ad Tech Industry: More Transparency, User Control Over Data Necessary
Defense Department to Enforce Email Storage Limits
Technology, Policy Rule In D.C. Auto Show
FTC Presses Ad Industry To Allow Consumers To Opt Out Of Tracking
Political Marketers Building Their Mobile, Digital Ad Presence
Marketing Politics Daily - Thursday, Jan. 21, 2016
MediaPost Conference Roundup: Political Data, Tools Better Than Ever
Palin Endorses Trump For President
AOL Users Donate Most To Political Campaigns
Time Inc. Rolls Out CampaignFocus To Provide Political Ad Targeting
New Emails Reveal Clinton Email Server Was
State Lawmakers Introduce Privacy Bills
Indian Government Bans Use of Personal Email at Work
U.S. Media Research Scene Has More Questions Than Answers
Marketing Politics Daily - Wednesday, Jan. 20, 2016
We Know What Candidates Say, But What Do They Feel?
Sanders Keeps Closing In On Clinton
Programmatic May Be Problematic, But Agencies Set Up Own Capabilities
Nielsen Expands Social Media TV Ratings To Facebook
Radio ROI Compelling Advertisers
Jack Myers Gives Four Reasons Why Ad Budgets Will Shift Back to TV in 2016
Humanity Really Is The Killer App
4 Things I Saw At CES That Will Impact The Social Media Industry
Marketing Politics Daily - Tuesday, Jan. 19, 2016
Donors Waiting For 'Family Hall Pass' To Drop Jeb Bush
NBC Scores Solid Presidential Democratic Debate Numbers
Outbrain Partners With 'Washington Post' For Sponsored Content
Sanders Campaign Raises $3.1 Million In Less Than A Week
UK Parliament Debates Trump Ban
Clinton Says She Hasn't Been Questioned in FBI Email Probe
Google YouTube Stars Query Candidates In Democratic Presidential Debate
Marketing Politics Daily - Monday, Jan. 18, 2016
TV's Anger Situation: On-Air With Politicians; Off-Air With Consumers
New TV Ad Buy For Trump Campaign
Last Pre-Voting Democratic Debate Gets Candidates Fired Up
World Leaders Hated In Real Life, But Popular On Social Media
Cruz Claims JFK Would Be A Republican Today
A Small Collection of MLK YouTube Videos
Publisher Scaife Flushed $450M On Pennsylvania Newspapers
Privacy Issues Stay On Top Of Agenda
Christie's Super PAC Taps TubeMogul To Hone Campaign Ad Targeting
Google Searches During Democratic Debate Reflect Changing U.S. Attitude
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