Marketing Politics Daily Editions for September 2016
Marketing Politics Daily - Friday, Sept. 30, 2016
Is The Political Ad Dead? Depends How You Look At It
Secretary Clinton Sees Herself In 'Madam Secretary'
Conservative Newspapers Endorse Hillary Clinton And Face Harsh Backlash
House Panel Raps Well Fargo's Stumpf For 'Rip Off'
Trump Reportedly Ignored Embargo And Did Business With Cuba In The '90s
The Influence Of Social Media On Election 2016
GDPR Is Inevitable -- Email Marketers Should Rejoice, Then Repermission
Lower Estimates For 2016 TV Political Ads
Consumer Confidence Back Up To Pre-Brexit Level
Marketing Politics Daily - Thursday, Sept. 29, 2016
Did You Fact Check The Debate? If You Watched Online You Probably Did
Trump Sets Off Firestorm Within Conservative Media
Weighing Presidential Issues: A 400-Pound Hacker And A Besmirched Beauty Queen
Libertarian Candidate Gary Johnson Can't Name One World Leader He Likes
Twitter Fights For Center Stage With Presidential Debate Streams
Fact-Checking Informs Voters, But Does It Change Minds?
FTC Presses For Power To Sue Internet Service Providers
State Dept to Release More Clinton Emails
New Hampshire Can't Ban Ballot Selfies
New York Launches Ad Campaign To Combat Islamophobia
Arizona Government Official Uses State Email Addresses to Push Anti-Pot Message
Governments Seeks More IoT Security
Russian Hackers Could be Behind Yahoo Data Breach
Twitter Takes Down Skittles Image Posted By Trump Jr.
Marketing Politics Daily - Wednesday, Sept. 28, 2016
First Clinton-Trump Presidential Debate Sets TV Viewing Record
Clever Marketing Spotlights Brands Surrounding Most Viewed Debate In History
$18 Million Fundraising Haul For Trump After Debate
Clinton Dominates Searches, While Trump Takes Social During Debates
Doritos Uses Empty Bags To Nudge Young Adults To Vote
Trump Loses Support Of Jewish GOP Donors
Pundits Say Hillary Won, But Was Her Victory Decisive?
NEW! Celebrity Cruises Ad Wants To Tear Down Walls, Not Build Them
Election Day Countdown: Missed Opportunities And Big Wins
Undecided Voters Not Convinced By Trump During Debate
Lawmakers Slam Yahoo Over Delay In Disclosing Data Breach
Talking Tecate's Beer Wall With Brand Director Belen Pamukoff
Affiliate Marketing Network Responsible For 'Fake News' Sites, Appeals Court Says
FBI Directors Says Agency Looked Hard for Obstruction of Justice
FDA Opens Comment Period On Redefining 'Healthy' For Food Labeling
German Watchdog Bites Facebook Over WhatsApp Data Collection
Russian Government to Stop Using Microsoft Email System
Twitter Defies Turkish Court
Marketing Politics Daily - Tuesday, Sept. 27, 2016
Debate Shows Candidates' Colors: Clinton Poised, Trump Rejects Facts
Trump Claims Debate Microphone Was Defective
'Affix Label Here'
Libertarian Picks Off Votes From Both Candidates In Virginia
Judge Won't Throw Out Privacy Lawsuit Over Gmail
Black Millennial Group Focuses On Local, State Issues
Advertising Women Of New York Rebrands Following New Research On Women In Leadership
Trump Says He'll Release Tax Returns if Clinton Releases Emails
Justin Trudeau Fundraising Emails Talks U.S. Politics
German Regulator Orders Facebook To Stop Mining WhatsApp Data
New California Law Requires Amazon's IMDb To Censor Actors' Ages
Marketing Politics Daily - Monday, Sept. 26, 2016
The Presidential Debate: Big Facts And Little Facts
Havas' Bollore, MediaLink, NYTs Invest In theSkimm: Newsletter Startup Gains Momentum
Poll: 34% Say Debates Will Have Significant Impact On Who They Vote For
'How Many Words Per Minute Do You Type?' -- And Other Debate Questions For Clinton
Yahoo Sued Over Massive Data Breach
'The New York Times' Endorses Hillary Clinton
Smell That? It's Clinton And Trump Going Nose To Nose
Clinton's Email Tech Warned of Issues in 2009
Presidential TV Debates Are Commercial-Free. But After And Before? Not So Much
John Oliver Says Clinton Email Scandal Overblown
Former Mexican President Teases Trump Over Fundraising Email
Homeland Security Looks To Add IoT Security Into Products
One Reporter Lets Facebook Rule His Life
Marketing Politics Daily - Friday, Sept. 23, 2016
Fun-Loving President Obama Is America's Chowhound In Chief
Trump Touts Message Of College Affordability
The Technology Behind Successful Fundraising
California's Highest Court To Review Yelp Censorship Order
NC Congressman Says Charlotte Protesters: 'Hate White People'
UK Newspapers Ask Gov For Help Against Google, Facebook
Oculus Founder Supports Trump Group That Publishes Anti-Clinton Memes
5 Things You Need To Know About Millennials And Health
Michelle Obama's Passport Details Exposed in Email Hack
Tinder Debuts 'Stacks' Voting App
IRS Warns of Email Scam
States Sue Drugmaker For False Advertising
With Focus On Western Europe, Post-Brexit WPP Invests In French Publisher
Privacy Watchdog Faults Harte Hanks, Dropbox And Panasonic
Marketing Politics Daily - Thursday, Sept. 22, 2016
The Regressive Nature Of Post-Truth Politics In The 21st Century
Trump Campaign Accidentally Leaks Email Revealing Money Problems
Twitter Fights For Center Stage With Presidential Debate Streams
Furniture Store Chain Closes Early For Debates
What Does This Political Season Mean For TV Stations' Ad Sales Future?
Sen. Warren To Wells Fargo CEO: 'You Should Resign'
Internet Commerce Coalition Urges Regulators To Loosen Proposed Privacy Rules
Canadian PM Justin Trudeau Alludes To Trump And Growing Fear-Based Politics In UN Speech
President Kiefer Sutherland Is ABC's 'Designated' Hitter
Nashville Lawmakers Pave Way For Google Fiber
How Much Google Owes Governments Around The World
ANA Raises Concerns About FCC Plan To Replace Set-Top Boxes With Apps
Marketing Politics Daily - Wednesday, Sept. 21, 2016
Who Interacts With Trump, Clinton On Twitter?
Majority Of Republicans Don't Believe Obama Was Born In U.S.
Obama Hails Social Media, Warns Against Misuse In Final U.N. Address
Clinton Solidifies Lead Over Trump In Fundraising, Ad Spending
How 'Live' Do We Want Our Streaming Video?
Clinton Global Initiative Plans To Layoff Dozens Of Employees
Fox's Hannity Appears In Trump Promotional Video
P&G, Unilever Invest In Clinton Foundation
Skittles Strikes Back At Trump Jr.
Email Raises Concerns About Voter Registration Fraud in Del Mar, CA
German Authorities Threaten WhatsApp And Facebook With Legal Action
NEW! The World Is Laughing At Us, So Vote This November
Vizio Urges Judge To Throw Out Video Privacy Case
Marketing Politics Daily - Tuesday, Sept. 20, 2016
Jason Kander: Using Provocative Advertising To Bolster Senate Candidacy
President George H.W. Bush Reportedly Voting For Hillary Clinton
You Call That A Terrorist Attack?
Tim Kaine: One Of My Kids Prefered Sanders Over Clinton
It's 2016: Why Do We Still Need 'Female Empowerment' Ads?
Sheldon Adelson Gives Millions Of Dollars To Support Down-Ballot GOP Candidates
House Panel Investigates Reddit Post About Clinton's Email Server
Proposed Privacy Rules Will Result In Higher Broadband Fees, CTIA Claims
MPs Investigate What Brexit Means For The Creative Industries
Facebook Sued In India Over WhatsApp Privacy Policy
Facebook Opposes ACLU, Urges Court To Let Stand 'Hacking' Decision
Marketing Politics Daily - Monday, Sept. 19, 2016
Trump Concedes Birther Question, Then Creates Whole New Controversy
Life Is Good Taps 'Positive State' To Battle Toxic Election
Obama: Sexism Tightens Presidential Race
How To Win The Mom Vote
Deep Root Analytics, D2 Media Sales Team To Offer Political, Advocacy Audience Segments
Republican Rob Portman Speaks Spanish In New TV Ad
Three Cheers For The Red, Blue - And Neutral
Bob Evans Restaurants Jumps On Political Bandwagon
Hillary Clinton Courts Millennials With Campaign Speech
FCC's Plan To Replace Cable Box With Apps Garners Support From Writers Union
Facebook, Google Sign On For Presidential Debates
Leveraging Advocates And Influencers In A Successful Social Responsibility Initiative
News Organizations Sue FBI For Information About iPhone Cracking
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