Marketing Politics Daily Editions for September 2016
Marketing Politics Daily - Friday, Sept. 16, 2016
Study: 33% Of Mobile Users Keep Up With Political News 'All The Time'
Internet Association Backs Airbnb Effort To Block San Francisco Law
Trump Revives Birther Issue, His Campaign Tries To Mitigate
Statin Island: Trump Visits The Land Of Oz
'The Hill' Launches Paid Vertical On Healthcare
Bill Clinton Talks Presidential Politics On 'The Daily Show'
A Trump Win Could Cause Agency Profits To Plummet
Stephen Colbert Tells Politicians to Stop Using Email
FCC Chief Plans To Finalize Broadband Privacy Rules This Year
FCC Republicans Didn't Cooperate With Net Neutrality Investigation, Lawmaker Says
#Millennials: How The Hashtag Has Changed The Game
Politicians, Journalists Rethink Email in Era of Hacks
Oklahoma State Election Board Warns Voters of Scam Email
New Bill Would Boost Muni-Broadband
New Zealand MP's Blocked MPs Being Probed
Marketing Politics Daily - Thursday, Sept. 15, 2016
Trump's New 'Deplorable' Ad Scores Deplorably Among Undecideds
FCC's Mandatory App Plan Threatens 'Creative Industry Workers,' Hollywood Says
Koch Network Shifts Focus From TV To Ground Game
Ad Industry Bashes FCC's Privacy Proposal
Impact Of Minorities On Clinton Support May Be Overstated
Colin Powell's Email Hacked
Teen Sues Parents Over Embarrassing Facebook Photos
Supreme Court Sides Against Backpage, Won't Block Senate Subpoena
State Democrats Warn Party About Hacks
Facebook Censors Pipeline Protest Video
EU New Copyright Rules Could Serve Publishers Well
Marketing Politics Daily - Wednesday, Sept. 14, 2016
Get Out The Vote PSA Reaches 89% Of Latino Community
Pneumonia Had Been Spreading Through Clinton HQ, Campaign Manager Caught Bug
New York AG Opens Trump Foundation Inquiry
Clinton Returns To Campaign On Thursday
Employees Take the Fifth in Clinton Email Investigation
Bill Prohibiting 'Gag Clauses' Passed By House
No Moderators For Presidential Debates? Um, Sure - But Simon Cowell Needs To Be The Judge
Marketing Politics Daily - Tuesday, Sept. 13, 2016
Rocket Fuel's Randy Wootton Sounds Off On Digital Marketing In Election 2016
Olbermann Hosts 'GQ' Web Series
Down Ballot Republicans Worry About Lack Of Trump TV Ads
Some Debate Tips For The Candidates
Consumers Judge Anti-ACA Insurance Firms Harshly
Kaine Features In Spanish-Language Radio Ad
McKinney Mocks North Carolina's Public Facilities Privacy & Security Act With Re-United Faux Boy Band
Chris Christie May Face HIs Own Email Scandal
VR Is The Future, With Help From Washington
Black Lives Matter Activist Banned From Facebook for Showing Racist Email
Marketing Politics Daily - Monday, Sept. 12, 2016
We Should Be More Concerned With Trump's Character Than With Clinton's Health
Trump Offers Clinton A "Get Well" Message After Medical Issue
Brexit -- Threat Or Opportunity?
Trump: Clinton's "Deplorables" Comment Worse Than Romney's 47% Gaffe
50% Of Recent U.S. Population Growth From Hispanic & Latino Communities
Trump To Release "Very Specific" Health Information This Week
Advocates Want FCC To Say Broadband Means Speeds Of 50 Mbps
DMA Launches GDPR Survey
FCC Says Pay TV Providers Need To Provide Free Content Apps, Forget Set-Top Box Rentals
Government's WIC Program Gets A Brand Makeover
Marketing Politics Daily - Friday, Sept. 9, 2016
Third-Party Candidate Ads Score Highest Among Independents and Leaners
PAC Political Money Increases On Cable TV
Facebook Cofounder Gives $20 Million To Help Clinton And Democrats
Fill Rates During GOP, Dem Conventions Jump Over 20%
Trump Campaign Ends Media Blacklist
OAAA Launches New OOH Get-Out-The-Vote Campaign
'Dallas Morning News' Endorses Hillary Clinton
American Eagle Says #WeAllCan, Gets Political
DOJ Granted Immunity to IT Specialist That Deleted Clinton Emails
FCC Chief Wants Cable Providers To Create Apps
House Oversight Committee Heads Battle Over Clinton Email
Two North Carolina Men Arrested for Hacking Email Account of CIA Director
The Most Important Book I Read This Summer
Here We Go Again: Every Year At 9/11 Time, TV Overdoes It
Newspaper Blasts Facebook Censorship
Netflix Presses FCC To Condemn Data Caps
Marketing Politics Daily - Thursday, Sept. 8, 2016
Commander In Chief Forum Asks Tough Questions, Voters Get Few Answers
Goldman Sachs Prohibits High-Level Employees From Donating To Trump
Postmortem On Odd Non-Debate On NBC: So Who Won?
Cuban: A Trump Presidency Would Tank The Stock Market
The Value Of Image, On Reality TV Shows - And While Running For President
Obama Reacts Strongly To Trump's Rhetoric
Watchdogs To FCC: Don't Water Down Privacy Proposal
Colin Powell's Advice to Clinton Revealed in Email
ITT Technical Institute Closing With Blast At Feds' Oversight
Government Report Criticizes OPM Over Data Breach
Home Secretary Reveals A Thousand Extremist Videos Removed Weekly
FTC Urged To Investigate Celebrity Endorsements On Instagram
Marketing Politics Daily - Wednesday, Sept. 7, 2016
Ads Tie Down-Ballot Candidates To Presidential Nominees, Split-Ticket Voting Likely
Will Voters Love To Hate Trump As Much As Viewers Did?
New CNN/ORC Poll Shows Trump With A Slight Lead Over Clinton
Pope Francis Addresses Time's Global Forum
Clinton Super PAC Launches Spanish-Language Ads
Trump Is King Of Earned Media
Sanders Urges Skeptical Voters To Stick With Clinton
Kantar Media Steve Passwaiter
Trump Attacks Clinton Over Email Investigation
KlowdTV Is A New Digital Site For Conservative Views
Politico Co-Founder Gets Funding For New News Property
India Adopts Digital Alerts to Court Filings
Backpage Asks Supreme Court To Block Senate Subpoena
Marketing Politics Daily - Tuesday, Sept. 6, 2016
Is Trump's Minority Outreach Working?
Forecast: Local TV Political Spending Lower Than Expected
Nearly 90 Retired Military Figures Back Trump Candidacy
'Ambicultural' Hispanics Shaping More Than Elections
Over 150 Clinton Campaign Events Aimed At Women Planned For This Week
Clinton Answers Reporters' Questions Aboard Her Plane
Will Hacks Hurt US Elections? Email Accounts Are Not Secure
TalkTalk Data Breach Fine Upheld in Appeal
Microsoft Leads Fight Against DOJ in User Privacy
KlowdTV Is A New Digital Site For Conservative Views
What 'Objective' Means. What 'Bias' Means. What 'Idiot' Means
Marketing Politics Daily - Friday, Sept. 2, 2016
Difficult Month For Clinton Ends With A Silver Lining: $143 Million
Make American Great Again -- Banish People!
Sanders To Campaign For Clinton In New Hampshire On Monday
California Newspapers Get Boost: Repeal Of Sales Tax
Poll: 7% Of Trump Supporters Think He Is A Racist
Advertising Week Launches in Cuba Because Cuba is the Latest Shiny, New Object
'Daily Mail' Retracts Story On Melania Trump's Past As Lawsuit Is Launched
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