How To Win The Mom Vote

With only a few weeks left until Election Day in a highly contentious presidential contest, Hillary and Donald would do well to heed the timeless advice of listening to their mothers, all 40 million of them. This powerful group of voters will head to the polls in November hoping, as all voters do, to shape the future of the country, and more importantly their children’s futures, through the ballot box. In a recent survey, more than 89% of moms — Millennials, Gen Xers and Boomers — plan to vote in the 2016 election but 60% of these same moms feel that the current presidential candidates are not focusing on the mom vote. 

Clinton and Trump are fairly even favorites, but a surprisingly large percentage of moms are not sure whom they will vote for on Nov. 8. Almost 34% of moms are undecided, equating to an approximate 12-million-vote swing that certainly could decide a presidential race.

5 Ways to Win Mom Votes



Make millions of new friends online. Across generations, moms are more connected than ever and 68% say they consume political coverage at least a few times each week or daily.If a candidate engages with moms through social media, 23% (roughly nine million mom voters) say they would be more likely to vote for them. Social media friends beware: 33% of Millennial moms say they have unfriended someone for posting opposing political commentary.

Engage with moms where they are shopping and playing. If the power of social media was a factor in the 2012 election, then the 2016 election will be in overdrive. Almost 32% of moms say they discuss politics over social media at least weekly and another 20% view or post political information every day. 

Address the important issues for women. Just shy of half (49.5%) of moms surveyed feel the economy is the most influential issue that will affect their votes, followed closely by education at 44%. Healthcare and Immigration round out the top issues. 

When women put on their mom hats, the top issues switch, with education taking the top spot for 65% of moms and the economy following at 28%. Gun control (22%) and healthcare (20%) are also top of the list.

Pay attention to the swing voters. Forty percent off moms say they will vote for the candidate within their registered party. However, a larger group of moms (42%), or about 16 million potential voters, say they are only “somewhat likely” to “extremely unlikely” to vote party lines. 

How the Candidates Stack Up

More moms think Donald Trump is offensive (37%), although 31% think “it’s refreshing to hear a candidate speak their mind, whether it’s politically correct or not.” 

Gen X moms favor Hilary Clinton and more Boomer moms would cast their vote for Donald Trump. 

If moms could choose a write-in candidate, Jon Stewart’s name would be on the ballot, as well as Oprah Winfrey, Elizabeth Warren and George Clooney.

Based on their own personal experiences and their roles as mothers, moms in the survey indicated that they would, as one mom says, “tend to look at the larger picture of what their stance is on all things.” From reduction in college tuition for 68% of moms (it’s no surprise this is heavily favored by millennials) to equal pay for women for another 51% (more Gen Xers), mothers represent a valuable opportunity for the candidates to win the White House.

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