Marketing Politics Weekly Editions for July 2018
Marketing Politics Weekly - Wednesday, July 25, 2018
Ivanka Trump Calls It Quits On Clothing Brand; Resistance Claims Victory
Trumpela Effect Part 2: White House Alters Official Historical Media Records To Distort What Happened
Feds: AMI's Dealing With Trump May Be Legally Suspect
Citing 'Fake News,' Vietnam Pulls Plug On Popular Online Newspaper: Citizens Begin Buying Print Edition
NFL Preseason Games Upcoming, National Anthem Player Guide In Flux
Critics Of Trump's Farm Aid Package Call For Expanded Markets
FCC Chair Tells Congress Net Neutrality Rules Harmed Investment
How Does Sacha Baron Cohen Get Away With It?
In Week Two, Cohen's Act Gets Tired In 'Who Is America?'
Critics Charge Facebook Too Lenient On Controversial Conservative Sites
New Hampshire Pulls Plug On Private Email List
Democratic Email Backfires In Hawaii Campaign
Marketing Politics Weekly - Wednesday, July 18, 2018
Advertiser-in-Chief: Study Finds Trump Is Facebook's Biggest Political Account
News Conference Was Trump's Worst TV Performance
Meeting Putin: Trump's Remarks Criticized By Right-Wing Websites
Brand Heist: How GRU Operatives Sent Spear-Phishing Emails
Most Millennials Report Being Politically Indifferent To Brands They Do Business With
Europe Hits Google With $5 Billion Android Antitrust Fine
Was Trump Right: 'Tax Lady' Effectively Makes Google A New EU Member State
Google To Appeal EU's Antitrust Decision Amid Growing Competition
For Best Actor In A Comedy: Sacha Baron Cohen
Social Giants Tell Congress They Don't Play Politics With Content
Marketing Politics Weekly - Wednesday, July 11, 2018
Supreme Court Nominee Voted To Scrap Obama-Era Net Neutrality Rules
Cause & Effect: #BlackLivesMatter, 5 Years Later
Rising Importance Of Brand Values
In Media We Trust, All Others Play Catch-Up
YouTube Rolls Out Plan To Fight Misinformation When News Breaks
USAF, GSD&M Unveil 'The Hanger' Experiential Campaign
Congress Wants Answers From Google On Gmail Scanning
We Could All Use Some Mister Rogers Right Now
Bloomberg's Facebook Watch Series Teaches Millennials About Finance
Ad Industry Hopeful Hancock Will Be A Sympathetic Health Secretary
Marketing Politics Weekly - Friday, July 6, 2018
Trump Names Ousted Fox News Chief Shine Head Of White House Communications Team
Trump-Pence Campaign Seeks Money To Support 'Unhinged' Ad Paid For By RNC
Fox News Devotes '$15.2 Million' To Trump Rally Coverage Since April 28
ACLU Campaign Keeps Pressure On Trump To Reunite Families
California Lawmakers Revamp Proposed Net Neutrality Law
The Trade War Is On: China Retaliates With Tariffs On U.S. Imports
My View From Pier 21