Marketing Politics Weekly Editions for April 2020
Marketing Politics Weekly - Wednesday, April 22, 2020
Earth Day Messages Stress Urgency Of Global Climate, Warming Problems
Happy Earth Day: How COVID-19 Will Impact Environmental-Friendly Marketing
Barry Diller On Trump: 'The Infomercial Administration Ends In November'
Google-Apple Contact Tracing Plan Poses 'Alarming' Privacy Risk, Sen. Hawley Warns
Most Consumers Favor Continued Quarantine
Supreme Court To Hear Appeal Over Scope Of Anti-Hacking Law
After Weeks Of Negotiation, Senate Passes Small Business Relief Package
Australia To Require Big Platforms To Pay For News Content
How Will Australia Force Facebook, Google To Pay For News?
European Grocers Get Lists Of Those In Need Of Food Packages That Had Been Blocked By GDPR
Twitter Loses Fight Over National Security Surveillance Requests
Watchdog: Facebook Remains Riddled With COVID-19 Untruths
Marketing Politics Weekly - Tuesday, April 14, 2020
It's Time For A 'Seven Second' Presidential Broadcast Delay
BBB Finds Political Ad Compliance Increasingly Spotty, Only A Fraction Use Icons
Broadband Industry Presses Judge To Scrap Maine Privacy Law
Opinion Writers Take Issue With Trump, Cuomo Brothers On TV
Covering Climate Now Members Can Access Reuters' Climate Reporting Free
In 'Toon' News Satire, Real People Agree To Cartoon Interviews
COVID-19 And The Resurgence Of Local News: Why It Might Be Bad News For President Trump
Marketing Politics Weekly - Wednesday, April 8, 2020
It's A Lot More Than The Economy, Stupid
Fox News Sued Over COVID-19 Commentary
CDC, WHO Enlist Influencers, Including Melania Trump, Knox Frost
Former Fox Sports Marketing Execs Indicted For Alleged Soccer Match Rights Bribes
Managing Through Crisis
FTC Urged To Investigate Zoom Over Privacy
Marketing Politics Weekly - Wednesday, April 1, 2020
'You Wanted A Reality Show Host As President, Well Now You're On Survivor'
Trump Threatens TV Stations Airing PAC Ads
Pew Finds Fox News Viewers Have Questionable Knowledge About COVID-19
Claiming It Will Sell More Cars, Trump Rolls Back Obama-Era Fuel Goals
Consumers See Existential Role For Brands, Say They're Meeting It Better Than Government
Trump's TV Ratings Make Him The Star Of The COVID-19 Show. Just Ask Him
Voice Of America Journalists Turn Homes Into Global Studios
'Trump Health Bombshell': Pro-Prez E-Letter Raises Funds, Carries Cure-All Ads
Proposed California Privacy Regs Violate First Amendment, Ad Groups Claim
Johnson Government Claims It Never Got Emails On EU Ventilator Plan: Report
How Will Federal Stimulus Bill Help Publishers?