Marketing Politics Weekly Editions for June 2020
Marketing Politics Weekly - Thursday, June 18, 2020
Dog-Whistling Dixie, Nazis Too
Civil Rights Groups Launch Facebook Advertising Boycott Campaign
Facebook Removes Some Ads From Trump's Re-Election Campaign, Cites Policy Against Hate
Now The World Can Hear Our Lies In Their Own Languages
Facebook To Enable Political Ad Opt Outs, Help Register Voters
Third FCC Member Voices Skepticism Of Trump's Social Media Order
Former Ad Biz Editor Calls For 'Defunding' All Fox News Advertising
Fox Attorney Argues 'Tucker Carlson' Isn't News, Seeks Dismissal Of McDougal Slander Suit
A World Flattened By Social Media
'Popular Mechanics' Shames Itself With Anarchist How-To
Critics Tweet That Trump Is Using Rally Sign-Ups To Build His Email List
Goodbye, Aunt Jemima And Uncle Ben: Racial Stereotypes Under Scrutiny
'Axios' To Launch Daily Podcast Covering Politics, Economics
'Politico' Takes Daily Newsletters Weekly For Some Readers
Marketing Politics Weekly - Monday, June 8, 2020
Watch This Clickbait Before Facts Set The Record Straight
Zuckerberg Revisits Reining In Trump, Announces A Facebook Policy Review
Big Media Donate Ad Time To Combat Racism
NYT Opinions Editor Resigns Over 'Send In The Troops' Op-Ed
Imbroglio Over Tom Cotton's Op-Ed For 'NYT' Should Spur Healthy Debate
Reddit Co-Founder Quits Board To Protest Racial Hatred On Platform; Requests A Black Successor
Hate Speech Thrives On Reddit
Real-Time On A Real Issue: Industry Responses To The Murder Of George Floyd, Racial Injustice And Inequity
Marketing Politics Weekly - Friday, June 5, 2020
Wrapping The President In The Flag: No, Not That One
Conversations About Trump Turn Increasingly Negative, Even Among Base
Conservative Group Calls Out Trump As 'Coward'
If You're Not Part Of The Solution...
'New York Times' Staffers, Union Condemn Tom Cotton Op-Ed
'Time' Releases Special 'A Nation Torn' Issue, Cover Border Names 35 African Americans Killed By Racism
The Holding Companies Could Foster The Kind Of Change Protesters Are Demanding
How Brands Should Engage With The Protests
Facebook Will Ban Ads From State-Controlled Media Outlets
Former Reddit CEO Accuses Platform Of Hypocrisy On Black Lives Matter
Musk Calls For Amazon Breakup After It Initially Rejects COVID-19 Book
'Radical' Snap Stands Up To Trump
Marketing Politics Weekly - Wednesday, June 3, 2020
Why Twitter's Bar Should Be Higher For World Leaders, Not Lower
ANA Condemns President's Exec Order: Calls It 'Misguided,' Violates First Amendment
Digital Rights Group Sues To Block Trump Clampdown On Social Media
Media Participate In 'Blackout Tuesday,' Show Solidarity For Black Community
Google, Amazon, Citigroup, Others Show Support For Social Justice, But FEC Filings Tell A Different Story
Facebook Won't Respond To Trump Posts, Zuckerberg Keeps Hands-Off Policy
Facebook Staff Stage Virtual Walkout, Asserting Trump Uses Account To Incite Violence
How Social Media Is Rewiring Our Morality
Cops, Race And Rioting: Just Another TV Weekend In America
NBCU Said To Be Mulling Right-Wing Programming For CNBC
NowThis Launches New Political Interview Series 'Answer This'
GSD&M Helps Launch First U.S. Space Force Campaign
Google Cloud Strikes Deal With UK Government, COVID-19 Impacts Adoption
California AG Moves Forward With Privacy Regulations