Google, Amazon, Citigroup, Others Show Support For Social Justice, But FEC Filings Tell A Different Story

Google, Amazon, Citigroup and Facebook, among others, are rushing to show support in the fight against social injustice, but many of the companies have donated hundreds of thousands of dollars to members of Congress with an "F" rating by the NAACP, the nation's largest civil rights organization. 

There is often a lack of understanding and information as to the reasons why companies support politicians who pursue other agendas, but many do, according to the data compiled by publisher Popular Information.

These companies point to systemic problems and show support for racial justice, but their donations say something else, according to one media outlet.

The donations are being highlighted amidst civil unrest in dozens of cities across America following the murder of George Floyd through excessive force by Minneapolis police officers. And while the murder caused a revolt across cities worldwide, the destruction that followed is no longer solely about the murder of Floyd, but rather is focused around socioeconomic frustrations, racism and political injustice.

In the past years, the NAACP produced a "Legislative Report Card" of key civil rights votes since 1914. The most recent report covers the 115th Congress and scored 32 votes in the House and Senate. 

Google CEO Sundar Pichai tweeted that his company supports "racial equality in solidarity with the Black community and in memory of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery & others who don’t have a voice."

A message on the Google home page stated: "We stand in support of racial equality, and all those who search for it." 

Federal Election Commission (FEC) records state that during the election Google stood with 89 members of Congress who received an "F" from the NAACP. Through its corporate PAC, Google during the election donated $124,500 to 23 Senators rated "F." It also donated $226,500 to 66 members of the House with the same grade. 

Google is not alone. Amazon donated $389,500 to politicians rated "F" by the NAACP. In a tweet posted Sunday afternoon, Amazon said it stands "in solidarity with the Black community — our employees, customers, and partners — in the fight against systemic racism and injustice." 

“During this election cycle, Amazon, through its corporate PAC, donated $290,000 to 112 members of the House rated 'F' by the NAACP,” writes Popular Information. “Amazon also donated $99,500 to 25 members of the Senate with the same failing grade.”

And then there’s Citicorp. Citigroup CEO Mark Mason, for example, said he would make a donation to the NAACP Legal Defense Fund and other civil rights organizations, but he didn’t mention that during the 2020 election,

Citigroup donated $242,000 to members of Congress with an “F” rating by the NAACP. The company also donated $62,000 to 21 Senators rated "F" by the NAACP, according to the media report.

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