Marketing Politics Weekly Editions for December 2020
Marketing Politics Weekly - Wednesday, Dec. 30, 2020
Fox News Named 'Misinformer Of The Year' For 2020
Our 2020 Coverage Emphasized 'Right,' Not 'Left'
Runoffs Show How Billboards Have Become A Platform For Free Speech
Obit: Media Mogul Publicist Howard Rubenstein, Dead At 88
The Politics Of Shopping: Blue State Consumers Less Likely To Shop In-Store
Supreme Court Urged To Hear Facebook's Appeal Over Tracking
What Psssst You Off In 2020
Marketing Politics Weekly - Tuesday, Dec. 29, 2020
Lame Duck, It's What's For Indigestion
What The Recent Alleged Russian Hack May Mean To Media
'Atlantic' To Launch 'Inheritance' Project In 2021 On Black American History
COVID Was Year's Biggest Story In TV And Everywhere Else
Facebook Defeats Claims It Violated Users' Privacy By Collecting Location Data
It's The Disinformation, Stupid
Why Web Freedom Won't Be The Same After COVID-19
Ad Storytelling In The U.S. And China During The Pandemic: A Comparison
Antitrust Suit Against Google Supports Publisher Complaints
Marketing Politics Weekly - Thursday, Dec. 24, 2020
Twas The Deadline Before Christmas, And All Through The White House...
Alibaba Investigated By China's Government For Monopolistic Practices
Steve Bannon Ordered To Appear For Questioning By FTC
Citing Failure To Repeal Section 230, Trump Vetoes Military Spending Bill
COVID Stimulus Bill Increases Criminal Penalties For Streaming Piracy
Extending Stimulus Plan To More Publishers Is Necessary Amid Pandemic
Massive Cyberattack Is Reminder For Publishers To Guard First-Party Data
Judge Throws Out Children's Privacy Claims Against YouTube, Channel Operators
Ad Slams Georgia Incumbents For Not Condemning Death Threats To Sec. Of State
Facebook Vs. Apple Vs. Your Privacy
Marketing Politics Weekly - Thursday, Dec. 17, 2020
Making A List, Checking It Twice: Here's The Year's Most Misinforming Sites
Facebook Places Newspaper Ads Slamming Apple's IDFA
Enjoy The Ultimate In 'F*@% Off, 2020' Advertising
States Sue Google For Allegedly Monopolizing Online Display Ads
Nielsen Data Shows Biden Dominated Local TV Ad Buys Leading Up To Election
Post-Trump, Big TV Ratings Will Continue
Privacy Advocates Denounce FTC's 'Unacceptable' Settlement With Zoom
Nielsen Adds National, Local Ad Spend By Advertiser To Top-Ten Lists
An Open Letter To Jack Dorsey
Marketing Politics Weekly - Tuesday, Dec. 15, 2020
Nevertheless, He Persisted
FTC Launches Broad Online Privacy Investigation
An Open Letter To Jack Dorsey
Senate Rebuffs Trump On Section 230 Repeal
Looking At The World Through Zuckerberg-Colored Glasses
California Proposes Standards For Opt-Out Button
Second Judge Refuses To Block Trump's Social Media Order
French Regulators Fine Google, Amazon Over Privacy
'New York Post' Reports Justice Dept. Examining Hunter Biden's Taxes
Marketing Politics Weekly - Thursday, Dec. 10, 2020
Fox Discloses Record Political Ad $, Skepticism About New Rivals
Profiteer Of The Year: Fox News Channel
Google Lifts Political Ad Blackout; YouTube Finally Bans Election Fraud Claims
Have A Coke And Some Bile: Advocacy Group Targets Brand's Right-Wing Political Support
Senate Democrats Push Google To Improve Ad Policies
In Era Of Political Correctness, Can TCM Survive?
Second Judge Blocks TikTok Ban
Senate Confirms FCC Nominee Who Pushed To Regulate Social Media
Rubicon, Microsoft, Unilever Join Amazon's The Climate Pledge
Facebook's WhatsApp Blasts Apple Over Privacy Labels
Latest Ad Council COVID-19 Campaign Aimed At Black Americans
FTC, States Sue Facebook Over 'Buy-Or-Bury' Monopoly Scheme
FTC Wants P&G To Back Off Buying Women's Razor Brand Billie
Marketing Politics Weekly - Monday, Dec. 7, 2020
Entertainer-in-Chief Sees Brand Equity Slide In Most Categories, Except One
I'm Opening A Liberty Store!
Even A Broken Doomsday Clock Is Right Twice An Existential Threat
Facebook Sued For 'Weaponizing' Consumer Data To Squelch Competition
How U.S. Will Get A Federal Privacy Law Affecting Online Advertising
ANA Blasts Apple's Newest Move Against Tracking Cookies
Marketing Politics Weekly - Friday, Dec. 4, 2020
The Rightsizing Of The Fox News Base
Top Conservative News Sites Experience Audience Erosion Leading Up To Election
Newsmax TV Could Be A Rival To Fox News, Or Just A Flash In The Political Pan
Will Trump Announce 2024 Presidential Run On Inauguration Day Next Month?
TV News November Viewing: Fox On Top Again, CNN, MSNBC Hit Records
Trump Demands Repeal Of Section 230 In Military Bill
Senate Committee Approves FCC Nominee Who Wants To Regulate Social Media
FCC Chairman Pai To Exit In January
Facebook Oversight Board To Review Decisions About 'Hate Speech,' 'Dangerous' People
Have More People Become More Awful?
Newspaper Group Supports Privacy Regulations Aimed At 'Most Harmful' Companies
Expert Insights on The Future of U.S. Polling and Forecasting