Nielsen Adds National, Local Ad Spend By Advertiser To Top-Ten Lists

Among its many publicly disclosed top ten TV-related lists, Nielsen has now added advertising spend by advertiser -- across four categories, national and local TV as well as Spanish-language national and local TV.

From its Nielsen Ad Intel report, the top five biggest national TV advertisers in October are Procter & Gamble at $164.4 million (33.6 billion impressions); Berkshire Hathaway at $126.5 million (12.9 billion impressions); Amazon at $121.9 million (10.8 billion impressions); General Motors at $99.1 million (5.4 billion impressions); and Progressive at $95.9 million (7.4 billion impressions).

The top-ten list is based on total advertising spend on linear television by advertisers. Data comes from live program-plus seven days of time-shifted data for viewers 2 years and up.

The top five local TV advertisers for the month are Joe Biden for President at $83.2 million (4.1 billion impressions); Toyota Motor Corp. at $52.9 million (3.0 billion impressions); House Majority PAC at $44.1 million (2.2 billion); General Motors at $43.2 million (2.2 billion) and the Democratic National Committee at $41.2 million (2.7 billion).



Nielsen says the data is inclusive of Nielsen's top 10 Hispanic markets based on TV households.

Political advertising pricing varies by station, and because it is subject to change cannot be compared to previous time periods.

The top two Spanish-language national TV advertisers are P&G at $23.9 million (2.3 billion impressions) and Verizon at $12.6 million (600 million impressions).

The top two Spanish-language local TV advertisers are Charter Communications at $8.6 million (276.3 million impressions) and Joe Biden for President at $6.6 million (295.1 million impressions).

Nielsen recently added a top-ten list for streaming TV shows to its lists for network TV shows and video games.

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