Online Media Daily Editions for December 2000
Online Media Daily - Thursday, Dec. 14, 2000
Over Half of UK Adults Access the Internet as Gender Split Narrows
TV Awards Set 2001 Dates
'Ask Jeeves' Lays Off Workers
Partnership to Provide Automated Ad Services for Small Businesses
FOX Sports World Secures 3-Year Pact For Broadcast Rights to UEFA Cup Final
THI Standardizes Online Efforts with PowerAdz' Zwire!
NetZero Gains New Users At Unprecedented Pace
ValueClick closes buy of Click
Buzzhits Real Time Song Info Service Now Available On Web Phones
Online Holiday Shopping Sets New Record
September Arbitron Webcast Ratings Report Measured Over 1,000 Web Channels
ODAC to Integrate with for Digital Delivery of Ad Spots
Online Media Daily - Wednesday, Dec. 13, 2000
Top Auction Site Draws More Unique Visitors Than Top Retail Site Top Advertiser
Split Decision: NBC, CBS Win Week
Mobile Telephony Service Providers Should Focus on Generation Y
AOL 6.0 Boosts Membership
Radio and TV’s Most Memorable Moments on the Net
Online Media Daily - Tuesday, Dec. 12, 2000
ABC Takes Top Two Spots In Internet Radio Top 10 List
New Combine of Online Financial Services
Hiwire and iBEAM to Offer Premium Targeting, Streaming Services
Banner Ads Get Energized
AdForce and iVAST to Stream Rich Media Ads Over Broadband
Streaming Media Usage Spikes 65%
Few Hits, More Losers in TV Season
Online Media Daily - Monday, Dec. 11, 2000
Tire Maker Hopes Ads Regain Market Share
The Top 500 Reports Record Traffic
NYSE Updates Image With Hip Campaign
Fox Sunday Shows Strength
AOL-Time Warner Deal Decision Nears
Asian Web Spending Figures Announced
Network Unveils New Profiling Tool
Cable News
Online Media Daily - Friday, Dec. 8, 2000
i-FRONTIER Wins Healthy Amount of Awards
Ad Market Cause for Yahoo Plunge?
Univision Buying USA TV Stations
Women Outnumber Men as E-Customers
Who's Really Using the Web?
TV News
Advertisers Should Target Hispanics With...?
Amazon Up a River Without Ad Agency
Online Media Daily - Thursday, Dec. 7, 2000
Thanks For the Ride: Dot-com Ad Spending Moves On
Second-Lowest Rating Ever for MNF
Gert's First Online Media Buy
Reaching Out to Find Missing Kids
USA Cancels Film After Ad Protest
Swimming in Media
Billy Crystal Won't Host Oscars
SF Chronicle's Sunday "Access"
Shopping at Work
Millard Leaves DoubleClick
Online Media Daily - Wednesday, Dec. 6, 2000
Greeting Card Sites Attract Millions as Holiday Season Begins
Newsweek's National Ad Rates Rising 4.0% for 2001
New Desktop Tool Builds Customer and Employee Retention
Forget the Super Bowl
Ad Exchanges: Does the Demise of One Signal Doom for All? (Part 2)
2000 Radio Revenues Remain Ahead of Last Year's
Real Media Lands Guinness World Records Site
Online Media Daily - Tuesday, Dec. 5, 2000
Talk Radio Emerges as Leading Internet Radio Format for the Week
Wireless Network Signs Rep
Email to Music
Niche Programming Gone Too Far?
BATNET1 Chooses Solbright's AdSuite
Real Media to Sell Ads in Netscape 6
New Sports Ad Network Launched
Slower Ad Growth Expected Next Year
USA Network Continues Demographic Growth
Shoe Store Ads on Passenger Cars?
Online Media Daily - Monday, Dec. 4, 2000
Nickelodeon Claims Top Spot
SUPERSTITIALs Penetrate Majority
NBC, ABC Split Thursday Too
Syndie Sweeps Slump
Online Retailers Taking More Conservative Marketing Approach
24/7 Media Signs With Nielsen//NetRatings Service Europe Launches The Monster Show
Major Ad Agencies To Beta-Test Adfusion System
Online Media Daily - Friday, Dec. 1, 2000
Majority of Online Retailers Could Leave Holiday Shoppers Hanging
Interactive Advertising on Microsoft TV Platform
ThinkTank to Create New Magazine
Ad Council Presents Public Service Award to Heads of Time Warner Postcard Ad Campaign Too Controversial?
Regian & Wilson/Grey Changes Name, Focus
ABC Sweeps November
Advertising and Promotion Replace E-commerce as the Primary Reason Small Businesses are Online
Toyota's New Prius Scores Low in Name Scale
Clickpicks: Best Ad Network Sites
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