Online Media Daily Editions for May 2009
Online Media Daily - Friday, May 29, 2009
Is Google Wave 'The Email of the Future?'
The Word, According to Facebook
Clearspring Partners With The FeedRoom
Sprint Unveils "Now Network" Screensaver
Microsoft Faces Bing Challenge
Latest AdWords Lawsuit Adds Insult to Injury
Yahoo Grabs Bigger Slice Of Declining Display Ad Pie, Other 'Fundamentals' Improving Too
Netbook Sales Strong In Coastal Cities
Let the Palm Pre Backlash Begin
Report: Online Video Fastest-Growing Medium In The History Of The World
It's Official: AOL to Become Stand-Alone
Online Media Daily - Thursday, May 28, 2009
Scott Sorokin Goes To Mindshare To Head Digital
CPB Interns Get Shiny New Bikes
Horny Hippie Choose-Your-Own You-Tube Adventure Promotes Woodstock Doc
Report: Video Head Leaving Yahoo
Nielsen Finds 'Cord-Cutting' Is Real, But Cuts Both Ways: Online Video Churns Almost As Much As TV
Using Search Beyond DR
TubeMogul Unveils Upgraded Video Tracking Platform
Dapper Launches ImpressionDNA
HuffPo Adds Two Top Execs
AOL Spinoff Imminent
Smartphones Deliver More Than One-Third Of Mobile Ad Impressions
Yahoo's Carol Bartz: 'We Are Not A Search Company'
Older Facebook Users In Flight
Print Advertising Drives Online Leads
Omniture Connects With Facebook
Lawmakers Press To Extend Shield Law To Bloggers
Coming in With a Bing
Online Media Daily - Wednesday, May 27, 2009
MediaCom Taps UM's Wheatley To Lead Digital For Warner Home Video
Vatican Adds Facebook App to Social Media Outreach
Blood Copy and Gawker Sink Fake Fangs Into Campaign
Why Behavioral Targeting Is Bad for Consumers and Advertisers
'Urinal Test' Hits No. 1 in App Store
Subscribers Sue AOL, Charge Email Ads Are Unlawful
Report: Mobile Music Revenue To Hit $5.5 Billion In 2013
Gomez Unveils Mobile Testing Service
Canadians Love Google, Eh
Nokia's Ovi Store Off To Bumpy Start
Tweets Reveal Distaste For Twitter TV Reality Show
DeepDyve Extends Search Queries To 5,000 Characters
Gaming Developer Bunchball Adds Two Senior Staffers
'New York Times' New Social Media Editor Works Her Beat
Online Media Daily - Tuesday, May 26, 2009
Google Connects Offline Behavior To Digital Marketing
Mochila Partners With 'Investor's Business Daily' Inks Deal With A&E, Alters Venerable Logo For 'Tattoo' Site Takeover
Yahoo and Advocates Request Ruling Revision
Telecoms Dialing Up Online Spend
Subscribers Hold Broadband Provider Accountable for Slow Service
Three Young NBA Stars Connect With Fans Online
OpenX Closes $10 Million Series C
Online Media Daily - Friday, May 22, 2009
Yahoo Unveils Voice Search for iPhone
Alcatel-Lucent Unveils Mobile Ad Initiative
Microsoft 'Kumo' Hot On Paid, Multimedia, Semantic Search
Why Pay Retail Wholesale?
Kagan Projects 6.2% Online Ad Growth In 2009
Occam's Razorfish: When Is a Closing Not a Closing?
Happy Memorial Day
YouTube Launches Biz Blog, Integrates Analytics Into Brand Channels
Search Wrong On 'Idol'
NebuAd Defense Does Way More Than Rest
Facebook Fights Latest Phishing Scam
Digital Radio Ad Spending Surges Amid Medium's Downturn
Kiptonic Now Basks in the Limelight
Videos Driving Consumers To Cars
Online Media Daily - Thursday, May 21, 2009
Embracing Transformative Content Creation Models
By Any Screens Necessary: TV, Internet and Mobile Viewing All Up (But Mobile's Way Up)
Revision3 Launches Latest Revision
IPG Hires Former Hummer Exec to Coordinate GM Marketing
Yahoo Looks Outside To Smarten Smart Ads
Amazon Releases Updated Kindle iPhone App
Direct Mail Doomed, Long Live Email
SearchIgnite Gets Wise To The Information Supply Chain
McAfee Launches Cybercrime-Fighter Web Doc
Craigslist Not Taking AG's Threats Lying Down
Online Media Daily - Wednesday, May 20, 2009
FTC Asks If News Media Can Survive
Fourth Generation Ad Networks
Opening A Pandora's Boxee
Social Media Fails To Manifest As Marketing Medium, Report Likens Twitter To TiVo: More Hype Than Reality
Bango Offers New Credit Card Service
Microsoft to Unveil New Search Engine, 'Kumo,' Next Week
YellowSpaces Makes Bid to Become the Local 'Search Utility for the Consumer'
Game Developer Steps Onto Fashion Week Runway
Sisyphus Had It Easy Compared to BBH New York
Sprint: June 6 D-Day For Palm Pre
Study: Consumers Would Not Benefit From Privacy Regulation
Blinkx Posts Earnings, Talks About Its Search Future
Fred Meyer Jewelers Searches Nearby For Local Shoppers
Online Media Daily - Tuesday, May 19, 2009
Yahoo Offers Soap Opera Recap
How About a Little Revolution in Display Advertising?
Case Closed: NebuAd Shuts Down
Interpublic Social Media Forecast: Lots Of Socializing, No Numbers
Learning to Sell Themselves
Trying to Catch 'Controlled Spontaneity' in a Bottle
Denny's Sends Late-Night-Munchies into Web 2.Overdrive
From Twittering Kittens To Breathless For Broth: Mixing It Up With Hypothetical Pitches
SEO Platform Looks Toward PPC For Business Model
Demand Media To Develop Paid Search Platform
Demandbase Generates Sales Leads
Value Added: AdMarketplace Looks For Additions To PPC Rev
IAB Issues Social Advertising Guidelines
Judge Delays Decision In MySpace Suicide Case
Online Media Daily - Monday, May 18, 2009
Sprint Extends 'Now Network' Effort To WaPo Maps
AOL Launches Pets Site
Bigger Isn't Always Better
Twits: Why Twitter Won't Change Marketing
Google Hit With Yet Another Lawsuit (And Looser Trademark Policy Paves the Way for More)
Should Facebook Charge App Developers?
Searches Rise In April; Microsoft Surprises
Forrester Report: Why Twitter matters to eBiz
Google's Trademark Policy Could Bring New Money To Paid Search (and Other Insights on the Paid Search Pulse)
WolframAlpha Works Through Tech Gliches
Study: More Than Half Of Mobile Users Getting Content
Centro and BAT Step to the Plate
DoubleVerify Verifies Funding
Online Media Daily - Friday, May 15, 2009
Freedom Isn't Free
MMA Names New Board Members
E-Tail Flatline Shows (Some) Signs of Life Adds Ad-Skipping Pay Accounts
Millard Joins Millennial Media Board
Ad Execs Remain Upbeat On Online Ad Budgets, Display Looks Brighter Than Search
South Carolina AG: Craigslist Needs To Do More
Partnership Integrates Offline and Online Metrics
Razorfish's Juhl Takes Regional General Manager Post
Google Comes To Crawl
Bullish Numbers On Long-Form Video In The Short-Term
FCC Shortens Time To 'Port' Numbers
Android Store Adds Barcode Scanning App
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