• Can Slice, The Pizza Platform, Save The Locals?
    Slice delivers top-notch technology to mom-and-pop pizza stores. With a $4 million ad campaign, it wants to become a pizza lover's best friend.
  • Chipotle, Shawn Mendes Team Up On New Sustainability Push
    Chipotle is serving up the Shawn Mendes Bowl, an effort to raise funds for the pop-folk singer's Wonder Grants, encouraging young innovators.
  • McDonald's Barrels Into New Year With Chicken And Marketing Might
    As the fast-food fried chicken wars intensify, McDonald's has more of an edge than its beefy pedigree might suggest.
  • Food Fight: DoorDash, Albertson's Emerge As New Villains
    As California's controversial new gig worker law takes effect, DoorDash and Albertson's are drawing heat, replacing "frontline heroes."
  • Ernst & Young: Can Restaurants Come Back?
    Real recovery is going to require massive rethinking, with a side order of consumer confidence, says restaurant consultant.
  • White Castle, Richard Dreyfuss Team Up For Restaurant Workers
    To help struggling restaurant workers, White Castle asked actor Richard Dreyfuss to read a crave-worthy twist on a familiar story.
  • Noodles & Co. Taps New Agency
    Noodles & Company picked Fortnight Collective as its new AOR because of its speedy approach to services like data tracking.
  • Mario Lopez Plays Sexy Colonel Sanders In New KFC Mini-Movie
    Who says chicken can't be sexy and schmaltzy? KFC is teaming up with Lifetime for "A Recipe for Seduction," with a young Colonel Sanders sweeping an heiress off her feet.
  • In-N-Out Burger Causes Chaos In Colorado
    What does the stampede for In-N-Out Burger's new Colorado locations say about consumers' appetites?
  • El Pollo Loco Serves Up Inspiration, Inclusivity
    It's also introducing a new design aesthetic, which it hopes will add a little joy to an often-dreary category.
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