• Dunkin' Perks Up CarMax Test Drives
    CarMax is taking Dunkin' for a ride, offering gift cards to people when they go for a test drive,
  • White Castle Uses Recipe Campaign To Stoke Spring Cravings
    With its Cravey Boat (a branded collectible) and spring-themed recipes, White Castle looks for new ways to engage its superfans.
  • Amid Restaurant Carnage, Cracker Barrel And Darden Shine
    As the restaurant industry struggles with closures, industry observers think Cracker Barrel and Darden Restaurants may whet consumers' appetites.
  • Out Of Love With Cooking, America Re-Embraces Restaurants
    Remember all that bread-baking last spring? Americans are over it and reconsidering restaurants, says the Hartman Group.
  • New Rescue Bill Could Spark 'Eye-Popping' Sales Gains
    Help is on the way for the down-and-out restaurant business, with $1,400 in payments for consumers, and $28.6 billion in direct relief.
  • QSR Brands Fumble The Social-Media Funnel
    A new analysis of QSR social-media strategies shows many don't connect early enough, missing chances to gain attention and engagement with hungry consumers.
  • Chuck E. Cheese Plots Comeback Promotions
    The chain, freshly out of bankruptcy, pins comeback hopes to a seasonal strategy, starting with a Spring-tastic Celebration -- and Unicorn Churros.
  • Normal? Restaurants Say Maybe By September
    A new survey says most restaurants feel "normal" is still seven months away, as many chains still struggle and face more closures.
  • Starbucks Cozies Up To Its Drive-Through Future
    Starbucks' execs are getting ready for "the great human reconnection" -- and building plenty of drive-throughs.
  • Bleeding Hearts: Hot Pursuit Of V-Day Love
    Restaurants may be battered, but they're still romantic. Here's what they're cooking up with Cupid.
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