Search & Performance Marketing Daily Editions for March 2020
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Tuesday, March 17, 2020
Verily Coronavirus Site Overwhelmed, Requires Visitors To Create Google Account
Baird Capital Lowers Google, Facebook Revenue Growth Estimates
Media, Finance Site Traffic Rises In A Stay-At-Home Coronavirus World
Om: Havas NY Livestreams Yoga, Meditation Sessions
FCC Urged To Extend Deadline For Net Neutrality Comments, Due To Coronavirus
Google Assistant Voice Added To Messaging App
Gartner Exec Explains Forecast On Decline Of Personalization By 2025
Adland Expects Coronavirus To Lead To A 20% Drop In Revenue
Whipped Into A Frenzy
Coronavirus Slowing Growth Of Wearables Market
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Monday, March 16, 2020
The Mismanagement Of Information During A Time Of Crisis
Microsoft Bing Tracks COVID-19 Confirmed Cases, Aggregates Data And Articles
Alphabet's Verily To Launch COVID-19 Website Late Monday
Google's Verily Developing Site For Triaging Coronavirus
Search, Ecommerce Could Save Retail During Coronavirus
Think It Forward, Says Freckle CEO Neil Sweeney
Entertainers Use Social Media To Share COVID-19 Experiences
French Regulators Hit Apple With $1.23 Billion Fine, Charge Anti-Competitive Practices
Work-At-Home Sign-ups Cause Microsoft Teams To Crash in Europe
Webinars And Content Marketing Set To Fill Coronavirus Void
'It Would Be Great If We Could Really Give The News Correctly'
Correction: Verily To Launch COVID-19 Website
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Friday, March 13, 2020
Coronavirus Delays Google's Mandatory Move To Online Video Parallel Tracking, Product Rollouts
Coronavirus News Sources Directly Impact Consumer Purchase Behavior
Google's G Suite Surpasses 2B MAUs
Etsy Prepares To Rollout Mandatory Advertising Program
eMarketer Slashes 2020 Ad Outlook By $20 Billion, Cites China
Facebook To Launch Photo Transfer Tool In The UK
Viewers Watch YouTube For Specialized Interests
Why Brands Need To Personalize All Retail Touchpoints
'The New York Times' Uses Google Lens To Create Interactive Experience
4As Postpones A Second Conference: Decisions 2020
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Thursday, March 12, 2020
Social Distancing Like St. Louis In 1918, Only With Search
Coronavirus-Related Search Data Shows Surprising Effect On Retail Sites
Coronavirus: Worldwide Search Data Reveals Astonishing Insights
YouTube Changes Policy On Ads In Coronavirus Video Content
TAG Recertifies 125 Companies
U.K.'s 2% Digital Services Tax On Big U.S. Tech Companies Now Looks Like a Go
OpenAP Creates Advertiser Advisory Board
More Big Stock Market Losses, Media Also Down
Tech Tax Is Back On, Sort Of
ANA Cancels Annual Media Conference
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Wednesday, March 11, 2020
Carvana's SEO Ecommerce Strategy Driving Sales
Coronavirus Takes Search Budgets On Roller Coaster As Analysts Remodel Ad Revenue
Google Bans Ads For Medical Face Masks
Chacka Marketing Launches Creative Services Practice
COVID-19 Crippling Online Travel Sites
MediaVillage Launches Site For Virtual Upfronts
Criteo Probed By French Data Watchdog: Report
Voice-Activated Ads Are Hear -- Er, Here
Trump Stared, Boris Blinked, The Chancellor Let Off The Tech Giants
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Tuesday, March 10, 2020
Microsoft, Amazon, Others Donate Millions To Coronavirus Response Fund
FTC, FDA Crack Down On False Advertising, Marketing Related To Coronavirus
Do Political Views Divide Thoughts On Coronavirus?
Google My Business Asks Companies Affected By Coronavirus To Update Online Information
Government Works With Big Tech Companies To Tackle Coronavirus Fake News
Yelp Releases Data On 1300 Consumer Fraud Alerts
Google Assistant Adds Support For Sensors
Kantar Study Finds Chinese Population Changed Media Habits To Research Coronavirus
Disney+ Faces Content Challenges As Coming Rivals, And Now COVID-19, Ramp Up Pressure
StealthMail Extends Email Security Support To G Suite
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Monday, March 9, 2020
Clorox, Canned Foods, Masks Driving Huge Revenue Spikes Without Paid Advertising Due To Coronavirus
Confidence Needed To Improve Human Experience, Grow Business In Trying Times: Deloitte Digital Report
2020 Budget Reductions Driven By Coronavirus Concerns Could Cost Media Around $3B In Ad Spend
Ex-Amazon Data, Ecommerce Guru Finds Link Between Business And Football
It's All In The Algorithms: Gmail Is Not 'Throttling' Candidates' Emails, Expert Says
Fraudulent Ad Activity Varies By Digital Platform In Europe
Majority Of Ad Execs Expect To Utilize AI For Versioning Or Strategy, Not Creating Ads
Can Apple Shape the Next Act of Ad Buying?
Google Faces Questions From The House Of Lords
BEC Attackers Drive Major Losses By Abusing Microsoft Office 365 and Google G Suite: FBI
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Friday, March 6, 2020
Standards To Combat Fake Reviews Needed As Trust Erodes
Tech Giants Give Away Ads, Services To Help Companies Deal With Coronavirus
Adidas, EA, Google To Launch A Smart Insole Through Project Jacquard
Ad Industry Intel Shows Half Have No Plans For AI
The B2B Comfort Zone: Email Is Still Best For Sending Content
To Succeed, Marketers Must Consider Digital Experiences
Self-Driving Boat Searches Thunder Bay
Google, AT&T Partner On 5G
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Thursday, March 5, 2020
Google Shifts To Mobile-First Indexing For Entire Web
Noncompliant Pharma Ads On Google Issued FDA Warning
Trust In Brands Waning, Study Finds
Analyst Lowers Search Travel Ad Outlook, Google's Earnings Too
New Worry: Covid-19 Scams That Carry Their Own Kind Of Viruses
'Always On' Shopper Becomes More Efficient
GroupM Acquires Data Science Firm Sandtable
Progressive Disclosure In Voice-First Technology: What Marketers Need To Know
Local Political Advertising Estimate Raised 8% To $7.1 Billion
The Agency Beat: What Clients Want
The B2B Comfort Zone: Email Is Still Best For Sending Content
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Wednesday, March 4, 2020
Redfora Ad Engages, Informs Consumers On Facebook About Coronavirus, Disaster Preparedness
McDonald's-Owned Dynamic Yield Bridges Online And Offline Purchase Data
65% Of Consumers Believe It's A Risk To Give Up Their Data To Brands
Amazon Questioned Over Coronavirus Price Gouging
Tulsi Gabbard Loses First Amendment Lawsuit Against Google
Why The Success Of 'The New York Times' Is Good News For Journalism
The Agency Beat: What Clients Want
Ex Google Exec Breaks Ranks To Say It Has Broken 'Do No Evil' Vow
New Gesture Controls Added To Google Pixel Phone
Google Cancels I/O Over Coronavirus Concerns
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