Search & Performance Marketing Daily Editions for March 2021
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Wednesday, March 17, 2021
Google Blocked 99 Million Fake COVID-19 Ads
SXSW: Journalists Discuss Struggle To Keep Local News Publishers Alive
A Brainwave Computer That Could Change Advertising, Starting With Spotify
Hudson MX Unveils Cloud-Based Media Accounting Platform, Says It Will Transform The Ad World
Premium Streamers Consider New Reality: Ad Counts, Metrics In Pricing
Consumers Understand Tracking Value Exchange, Might Opt Out Anyway
TikTok: Users Must Now Accept Personalized Ads
Samsung Smart TV Platform Dominates Global Market With 162 Million Devices
Salesforce Debuts Tools To Help B2B Teams Conduct ABM Campaigns
Vizio 'Platform+' Unit Doubles Ad Sales
Under Pressure: Modern CMOs Must Be Fast AND Efficient
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Tuesday, March 16, 2021
DuckDuckGo Calls Out Google For Reportedly Spying On Users In Incognito Mode
Foursquare Relaunches Places, Introduces Enterprise API
Programmatic, CTV Drove Retail Video Ad Impressions Up 63% In February
Epsilon Expands Verizon Partnership
BrandTotal Continues Battle With Facebook Over Data, Says It Could Face 'Immediate Liquidation'
The Commerce Revolution: Reinventing CPG Companies To Compete In A Consumer-Led World
Mediabrands, Magna Host 'The Equity Upfront'
Proposed Law To Help Publishers Is Workable, Despite Flaws
Google Slashes In-App Commission Rate In South Korea
Microsoft Advertising Makes Static Headlines Available For Dynamic Search Ads
Nokia's Partnerships With Amazon, Microsoft, Google Center On 5G, Cloud
Choosing Sides In The Cold War Over Privacy
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Monday, March 15, 2021
Identity Industry Vet Gets Behind Next Generation Of Ad Targeting
Google Search Terms Identify How Gamers Changed Behavior During COVID-19 Pandemic
Google Can't Shake Privacy Claims Over 'Incognito' Tracking
How Cookies Crumble At Some Of The Largest Companies
Google Battles Rumble Video Platform Over Antitrust Claims
Facebook Australia News Ban Fiasco Missed The Mark
Plans For Cannes Lions Festival 2021 In Flux
Xandr Partners To Improve Contextual Capabilities
Can Contractors Survive Franchise Machines?
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Friday, March 12, 2021
Performance Data Making A Difference -- What Types And Why
Google Calls Microsoft An Opportunist That Could Break The Web
Marketing Edge Leads Ad Industry To Create Diversity In Educational Programs
Federal Privacy Bill Garners Support From Network Advertising Initiative, Other Business Groups
Interest In Website 'Design,' 'Builders' Surges
SmileDirect Aligns Brand/Performance Mix With Every Video Screen
Brand Loyalty Is On Its Way Out. Now What?
Congress Must Pass Law To Support News Publishers
Publishers See Gains In Referrals, Though Direct Traffic Is Strong
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Thursday, March 11, 2021
Microsoft Connects Bits With Atoms, Creates More Personal Experience
Google Builds Integration For Programmatic Publisher Identifiers
Twitter Slowed By Russian Authorities For Banned Content
Stirista Ups Data Strength, Acquires Venture Development Center
Broadband Carriers Should Seek Permission Before Harnessing Web-Browsing Data For Ads, Groups Say
Attention Metrics Startup Gets Attention Of Ad Industry's Elite Research Thinkers, Names Them To Board
P&G: Biggest -- And Most Cost-Efficient -- TV Advertiser In 2020
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Wednesday, March 10, 2021
Dentsu Study Reveals Performance Metrics When Ad Choosers Choose Advertisers
U.S. To Introduce Bill Making Google, Facebook Pay For Publishers' Content
YouTube's Mohan Touts Trends Redefining Video Ads, Surges On CTV At IAB's ILM
Advertisers Gain Real-Time, Search-Powered Audiences For CTV And Video
T-Mobile To Target Ads Based On Subscribers' Web Browsing, App Use
Comscore's Movie Analytics/Syndicated Digital Business Records Revenue Declines
Automaker TV Spending, Impressions Decline In February
Balancing Value Between Behavioral Targeting And Behavioral Attribution
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Tuesday, March 9, 2021
He Built Google's Ad Biz, And Is Now Launching A Subscription-Based Search Engine
IAB Artificial Intelligence Group To Build Standards, With Focus On AI, Machine Learning, Bias
Microsoft's LinkedIn Pauses Sign-Ups In China
IAB To Vet New Addressable Targeting Specs, Including Consumer 'Identity Tokens'
Unfamiliar Advertisers Using Consumer Location Data Deemed 'Creepiest' Marketing Tactic
Unilever: 'Normal' Is No Longer The New Normal, Bans Word From All Advertising
Trustworthy Accountability Group Certifies 234 Companies This Year
Huawei Readies New Email Service Provider: Petal Mail
Create Killer Video Content, Maximize Social Media
Antitrust Scholar To Reexamine How Big Tech Is Regulated
Microsoft Strengthens Phishing Protections
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Monday, March 8, 2021
The CMO Behind Creative Agency Majority
L'Oreal Vs. Google: The Impact Of Privacy On Consumers, Brands, Advertising
Celebrating Women: Pinterest's Maddy Loves Publishing, Technology
Google Touts Cohort Targeting, Hopes Advertisers Will FLoC To It
Majority Agency Partner Says Data Tells The Story, Inspires Creative
Brands Showing Greater Interest In Relationship Marketing
Info Is King: Study Finds Americans Simply Want Ads To Tell Them About Products
Consumers Frustrated With The Online Shopping Experience, Study Finds
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Friday, March 5, 2021
Pinterest To Launch Its First Brand Campaign, Following This Week's Ad Summit
eBay Delists Six Dr. Seuss Books, Sending Amazon Prices To The Moon
Why This Google Competitor Will Benefit From The Change In Ad Targeting
U.S. Ranks 23 For Ad-Block Software Download Queries
Net Neutrality Advocate And Silicon Valley Critic Tim Wu To Join Biden Administration
White House Is Concerned As Microsoft Email Breach Spreads
EU Viewers Prefer Streaming To Broadcast, Use AVOD About As Much As SVOD
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Thursday, March 4, 2021
Data Shows How Emotional Connections Fuel Consumer Loyalty
Brave To Build Privacy Engine With Ads
Google Gains Additional Data From Performance To Target Ads
Comcast 2020 Performance Data Shows Customers Generated 1 Trillion-Plus Internet Requests Daily
Privacy Advocates Push Back Against Google's New Targeting Plan
Google's New Approach Still Relies On Tracking, Raises Privacy Concerns
New Mexico AG Urges Appellate Court To Revive Privacy Lawsuit Against Google
How Google's Latest Privacy Moves Will Affect Publishers
3 Ways To Build On AR's Growing Momentum
Nielsen Gets Higher Rating, On Wall Street
Data Winter Is Coming
Intelligent Audience Tool Debuts For Publishers, Brands
Under-The-Hood Changes To Gmail
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