Video Daily Editions for September 2016
Video Daily - Friday, Sept. 30, 2016
Ad-Supported Content: Still A Bad Experience
ANA Slams Facebook For Lack Of 'Transparency,' Calls For Audit
What's What? Google Unveils Massive YouTube Visual Database
Wanna Be Viewable, Or Seen? Digital Marketing's New Conundrum
Alpha Is A New SVOD For Sci-Fi, Gamers
Faster Loads Impact Viewability, Trade Groups Shore Up Standards
The Story On Stories: Snapchat Vs. Instagram
Cord-Cutting Linked To Pay-TV Dissatisfaction
FCC Postpones Vote On Plan To Replace Set-Top Boxes With Apps
Digital Short-Form Video Viewership Remains Strong
Two-Thirds Of Employees Use Social Media At Work
New Facebook Ad Campaign Will Urge Consumer To Stream Live Video
Video Daily - Thursday, Sept. 29, 2016
The Catch Up Viewer Catches Most Ads, Too
YouTube Taps Former Warner Music Group CEO To Lead Music Initiative
Netflix Gets Issue-Oriented Public TV Kids Show
Twitter Takes Down Skittles Image Posted By Trump Jr.
Snapchat Name Change Positively Received
NEW! Land O'Lakes Will Donate 11 Meals For Every Food Pic Deleted From Instagram
Red Robin, New Belgium Beer Collaborate On Beer
What Men Want In Ads
Advertising's No-Win: People Hate Ads But Would Rather Watch Ad-Supported TV, Then Skip The Ads
How Absolut Took Virtual Reality To The Masses
Twitter Fights For Center Stage With Presidential Debate Streams
Facebook's Video Debacle Raises Serious Questions
Video Daily - Wednesday, Sept. 28, 2016
The Fashion Business Dresses Down Bloggers
Sarandos Brings His View To Spotify
Facebook Advertisers: Four Million Strong
Visa, Oracle Introduce New Tools To Boost Digital Ad Performance
74% Of Millennials Would Use More IoT Devices If Confident In Security
Ad-Supported, Free TV Tops Other Platforms
Connecting With VR/AR At Advertising Week
Three Out Of Four Consumers Watch Brand Videos On Facebook
Video Daily - Tuesday, Sept. 27, 2016
Who Sees That YouTube Ad? And Who's Really Streaming?
70 Million VR-Enabled Smartphones Projected To Ship This Year
Target's New Digital Chief Already Out
Disney May Bid For Twitter, Too
New California Law Requires Amazon's IMDb To Censor Actors' Ages
What Goes Into McDonald's Food?
Confessions Of A Middle-age Millennial
Cable Networks Lose Live GRPs To Consumer TV Tech
Apple Readies Amazon Echo-Like Device, Says Report
Traditional TV Viewing Slips, But Dominates Video Use
Tremor Video Names Jennifer Catto Chief Marketing Officer
Video Daily - Monday, Sept. 26, 2016
IAB Excited (And Cautious) About Virtual Reality
IAB Releases New Ad Unit Portfolio For Public Comment
The Zuckerberg In The Henhouse
Snapchat Debuts Spectacles That Record Video
Google's New Move: The Way The Cookie Crumbles?
Hulu's Going After Traditional Network Dollars Is A Good Thing
TV Views On Smartphones Soar
Social Media In Turmoil
U.S. Pay TV Homes Steady, Monthly Prices Rise
Dickens Of A Time For Digital Advertising
Adobe, Microsoft Partner In Cloud, Data Deal
Keep It Short, Keep It Real, And Turn Up The Music
Nearly One In Three No Longer Use Smartphones To Call
Video Daily - Friday, Sept. 23, 2016
Advertisers May Not 'Like" Facebook As Much Now
Miscalculations From Facebook, Dentsu Could Force Ad Industry Change
Percent Of TV Channels Viewed Drops To Single Digits, Nielsen Attributes Digital Choices
Internet Creative Guild Launches New Members-Only Site
TV Networks Raise Promo Spend For 2016-2017 Season
SpinMedia Spins Off 3 Titles To Hive Media
Damn, Daniel! LG Smooths Out Viral Hit
Instagram More Than Doubles Its Advertiser Base In Six Months
Global Social Media Trends
Use Of Mid-Roll Ads Rises
Video Daily - Thursday, Sept. 22, 2016
Verizon Might Start Steering Struggling 'Vessel'
Internet-Connected TV Viewing Shows Continued Growth
Riding The Autumn Wave Of Popular Culture
IAS Secures More Accreditations From Media Rating Council
Vimeo Fronting For 3 New Female-Featured Projects
An Outsider's Guide To Ad Week
Dove Makes Us Weepy With 'Amazing Moments'
Streaming Video Goes To The College Library
YouTube Leads Facebook, Snapchat Among Teens
Kelly Clark Rejoins GroupM As Global CEO
How Do Brands Win In Messaging? Be A Buddy, Not A Burden
Time Inc. Launches VR Platform, Resurrects 'Life'
Weather Company's Working On Programmatic Integrations With IBM Watson
Cincopa Adds Video Intelligence To Email Marketing
Twitter Offers Native Ads On Audience Platform
Netflix Data Reveals When We Get Hooked On Each Series
Video Daily - Wednesday, Sept. 21, 2016
How 'Live' Do We Want Our Streaming Video?
Study: Video Reaches Tipping Point, 51% Of Views Now On Mobile
AT&T Adds DirecTV Mobile/TV Everywhere To Addressable Platform
Browser Tweaks Could Boost Mobile Video
What Does The Shift Toward Mobile Apps Mean For Holiday Search Commerce?
Fox's Hannity Appears In Trump Promotional Video
Google Joins The Conversation, Say Hello To Allo
Hidden Pokemon Go Features Tap Location In Background
Video Daily - Tuesday, Sept. 20, 2016
So Who Is Watching Netflix?
Upfront/Newfront Effect: High Value, Increased Spending
Nielsen Releases Total Content Ratings Schedule
Vroom Raises $50M, Easy To Buy Used Cars Online
GoPro Launches Drone, Voice-Controlled Cameras, Smartphone Ecosystem
Twitter Doesn't Count Video In 140-Character Limit
Millennials Experience High Levels Of Ad Blocking, Piracy
Twitter Lifts Limits On Pics, Video
Video Daily - Monday, Sept. 19, 2016
Twitter Debuts NFL Football, Will It Pay Off?
Qantas Campaign Turns Auto Reply Into Instagram Holiday
Channel Mum Gains $2.6M In Funding
Are You Ready For The Great Blurring?
4KTV Forecast To See Steady Growth In Next 5 Years
White Ops Raises Funds, Seeks To Boost Demand From Supply-Siders
The Evolution Of The 'Side Hustle' And How Gen Z Amps It Up
A Quarter Of Brits Fake Vacation Photos Online
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