AI & IoT Daily Editions for December 2015
AI & IoT Daily - Thursday, Dec. 31, 2015
2016: Get Ready For The Year Of...
Google Glass Filing, Photos Surface In FCC Documents
IoT Marketing Moves To Fashion Brands
Smartwatch Purchases On Upswing
Apple, Google Seen Leading In Connected Homes
Connecting Smart Devices Still A Challenge
Samsung Increases Security In Smart TVs
AI & IoT Daily - Wednesday, Dec. 30, 2015
40 Million Cars Connected To The Internet; 64% Want It
BMW Set To Show Gesture Control In Future Cars At CES
Samsung TVs To Control Other Smart Appliances
More Household Items Joining The Network
Smart TVs Viewed As Risk For Security
Intel Invests $11 Billion In Move To IoT
With CES At Hand, Cars Drive Tech
AI & IoT Daily - Tuesday, Dec. 29, 2015
CES Countdown -- And Then The Marketing Begins
Doors Opening For Advertising Via Internet Of Things
Connected Cars To Need Software Updates
Coffee Maker 'Smart,' But Costs $2,500
Security Of Consumer Devices, Smart Objects Seen As Challenge
Last Year Highlighted Internet Of Things Vulnerability
Tiffany, Cartier Rank Highest In Digital IQ
What To Expect At CES 2016
AI & IoT Daily - Monday, Dec. 28, 2015
Best Gadgets Of The Future: Flying Car, Personal Jetpack, Foldable Electric Bike
Investments Follow IoT Business Spending Forecasts
LG To Start Marketing New Smart TV, Says Report
Smart Home Vacuum Guided By Laser
Connected Cars Raise Questions Of Consumer Acceptance
Beacon Marketing Comes To Trade Shows
AI & IoT Daily - Thursday, Dec. 24, 2015
Brands Look For Role In Internet Of Things: Connected Bottles, Interactive Dolls, Drones
Robots Used To Pull Santa's Sleigh
Winemakers Tap Internet Sensors For Grapes Data
Startup Funded For Self-Powering IoT Devices
Vint Serf Still Concerned About Net Security
Are Twitter Drones On The Way?
AI & IoT Daily - Wednesday, Dec. 23, 2015
2016 IoT Predictions: Big Data, Beacons, Wearables, Security
Kohl's Experiments With Drones, Robots, Self-Driving Cars
Twitter Looks To Drones For Consumer Marketing
Robots Expanding For More Consumer Acivities
Amazon Internet Of Things Platform Takes On Microsoft
Adobe Predicts Wearables Will Shape 2016
AI & IoT Daily - Tuesday, Dec. 22, 2015
Marketing To The Needs Of The IoT Consumer
Breitling Starts Marketing Interactive Smartwatch
Ford And Google Said To Be Self-Driving Together
5 Smart Cars Available Now
Google, Ford Joint Venture Would Advance Technology And Automotive Practices, Ease Challenges
Beacons On Buses Aid Visually Impaired Riders
Top Gadgets Of The Year Rated
Hello Kitty Data Breach Exposes Data From 3.3 Million User Accounts
Huawei Is Giving Away Time
AI & IoT Daily - Monday, Dec. 21, 2015
Fitness Trackers Vs. Smartwatches: King Of The Wearables
NEW! Meet JoLLY, The First Wearable That Tracks Happiness
Absolut Opens Lab To Find Consumer Value-Added Services
BMW Marketing Advanced Smart Car Features
Wearables To Dominate 2016 Trends, Says Report
Airbus IoT Approach Involves How Customers Move Between Gates
Self-Driving, Delivery Robots Being Tested
AI & IoT Daily - Friday, Dec. 18, 2015
Human Drivers 1, Internet of Things 0: Bumps In The Road
Retailers Look To IoT For Better Customer Relations
Fitbit Inks Marketing Deal For Marathon
IoT Gadgets Sold In Brick And Mortar Store
Driverless Cars Getting Into More Accidents
Ban On Driverless Cars Proposed
Yikes! The Thing!
AI & IoT Daily - Thursday, Dec. 17, 2015
111 Million Wearables To Ship Next Year; Smartwatches Going Standalone
IoT Gift Marketing Targets Home Devices
Standards Group Simplifies Objects Working With Each Other
Lower Priced Connected TV Takes On Apple, Samsung
Congressman Suggests Adding IoT To Debate
Think Tank Wants US Strategy For Internet Of Things
Google's Self-Driving Car Project Faces Challenges As A Spinoff
What Is TV Everywhere? Why Isn't Everybody Watching It?
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