AI & IoT Daily Editions for August 2016
AI & IoT Daily - Wednesday, Aug. 17, 2016
Internet Of Things Meets Location-Informed Advertising
Apple Watch Upgrade To Add GPS Tracking, Says Report
Virtual Reality Devices Forecast To Leap To 337 Million; 65% Smartphone-Based
Staples Transfers Smart Homes Business
Company Starts Marketing Smart Washing Machine
More Issues Found With Connected Cars; Researchers Hack VWs
Internet-Connected TV Propels Total TV Usage
AI & IoT Daily - Tuesday, Aug. 16, 2016
Billions Of Smart, Connected Objects Paving The Road To A Connected Universe
Cook Tackles Big Themes As Apple Rumors Swirl
Trouble In Wearables Land: Total Smartwatch Recall, Intel Shutting Service
New York Times Acquires 'Fake' Ad Agency
Apple Strengthens Team For Apple Watch Health Features
Wearable Tattoos From MIT Control Smartphone, Computer
Toyota Gives University $22 Million For Research On AI, Autonomous Cars
BMW, Alexa Aim To Fight Tesla
Virtual Reality Turns Its Eyes Toward B2B
AI & IoT Daily - Monday, Aug. 15, 2016
Social Robot Delayed; New Doorway To Advertising Waits
Google Working On New Operating System 'Fuchsia' For Devices, Says Report
Virtual Reality Technical Aspects Seen Lessening As Issue For Agencies
Pepper The Robot Greets Shoppers In U.S.
Kiosks Used for Advertising In Building Smart City
Retailers Get Sales Bump From Pokemon Go
Pokemon Players Open To Promos
Cultural Relevance Will Be Key To Connecting With Hispanics Via VR
AI & IoT Daily - Friday, Aug. 12, 2016
44% Consider Move-In Ready House To Be One With Smart Technology Already Installed
Samsung, Logitech Start To Simplify Smart Home Devices
New IoT Connections Pass Number Of Phones, Tablets
Xerox Taps Beacons For Marketing To Commuters
BWM Linking To Amazon Alexa
Tesla Owner In China Blames Autopilot For Crash
Smart TV Will Evolve: Q&A With Oded Napchi
AI & IoT Daily - Thursday, Aug. 11, 2016
Marketing Of Self-Driving Cars Still Faces A Bumpy Road
Security Found Lacking In Smart Locks, Thermostats
Beacons Tapped For Tracking In Office Space
Tag Heuer Gives Connected Watches To Referees
Heineken Using Beacons To Market To Consumers Near Pubs
Smart Locks Security Challenged
People Purchasing Power Packs For Pokemon Play
Disney Reveals OTT Deals/Platform For ESPN
Pokemon Go Kicks Off AR
AI & IoT Daily - Wednesday, Aug. 10, 2016
9 Million More Wearables Shipped To Market; Fitbit Dominates
More Virtual Reality Being Added To Six Flags Roller Coaster
Retailers Tap Pokemon Go To Increase Shopper Traffic
63% Of IoT Adopters See Significant Returns On Investment, Says Study
Mini-Drone Can Send Live Video Feeds
Marketers Must Identify The Right Level Of Interruption
NextVR Gets $80M In Series B Funding
Getting The Data Is The Easy Part
AI & IoT Daily - Tuesday, Aug. 9, 2016
51% Of Companies Collect IoT Data, Then Most Don't Use It
Wilson's Smart Football: Russell Wilson To Help Launch @IoT Pigskin
Businesses See IoT As Essential, Driven By Customer Service
Apple Acquires Machine Learning Company Turi For $200 Million
Staples IoT Focus Shifts To Smart Office Offering
New iPhone Can Control Smart Home Appliances: Report
Retailers Look To IoT For Business Solutions
Well, *Obviously* People Are Changing Their Minds About Self-Driving Cars
AI & IoT Daily - Monday, Aug. 8, 2016
Smart Home Product Marketing Moves To Retail Store Aisles
Under Armour Gets Personal, Enabling Wearables To Make Recommendations
Connected Clothing Tells When To Wear (Or Donate)
Google Self-Driving Car In Another Accident; Hit From Behind
Researchers Show Hacking Of Smart Thermostat
Security Issues Around Connected Devices Again Highlighted
Lawmakers Urge FCC To Craft Privacy Rules For Connected Cars
AI & IoT Daily - Friday, Aug. 5, 2016
Getting Consumers To Buy Into The Internet Of Things
Future IoT: $3 Trillion In Revenue, 27 Billion Connections
Amazon Drone Trial Called Horrifying
Self-Driving Taxis To Start Operation
Fed IoT Spending Hit $9 Billion Last Year
What The Rise of Wearables Means For Marketers
Google Tests Delivery Drones
The OTT Users' Race Heats Up
AI & IoT Daily - Thursday, Aug. 4, 2016
Future Of IoT Marketing: Attracting Without Distracting Consumers
Agency Execs See Wearables Coming Together
Virtual Reality Sales Seen As Boost For Best Buy
Car Retailers Tap Into Virtual Reality
Hey Siri, What Can You Search?
Verizon Spending $2 Billion For IoT Business
Amazon Web Services Drives Revenue
National Theatre Turns To Virtual Reality To Get Actors In Character
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