AI & IoT Daily Editions for December 2016
AI & IoT Daily - Thursday, Dec. 15, 2016
Top 10 Consumer IoT Trends For 2017
NFL Taps VR For Game Highlights
Amazon Makes First Commercial Drone Delivery
Microsoft Bringing Cortana To IoT Device Screens
Eyes Viewed As Security Device For Smartphone
Netflix And Amazon Are Not Making The Leap To Mobile
5F App Connects Fit People With Workout Partners
AI & IoT Daily - Wednesday, Dec. 14, 2016
New Bluetooth Alliance Looks To Boost Indoor Location Targeting
Samsung Installation Features Virtual Reality
Rule Proposed To Connect Cars To Each Other In Real-Time
Uber Brings Self-Driving Cars To San Francisco
Campaign Funds Startup To Create Smart Oven
More Ads Are Being Delivered Via Connected TVs
Google Cloud Platform, Improbable Partnership Builds VR Game Network
Alphabet Accelerates Self-Driving Project With Waymo
AI & IoT Daily - Tuesday, Dec. 13, 2016
Augmented Reality Tapped For Holiday Toys
Florida City Plans For Autonomous Vehicles
New Device Delivers Messages To Car Windshield
Marketers Struggle With Digital Transformation
Are Wearables A Fad That Has Failed To Deliver?
360 Video Increasing In VR Growth
Wearables, The Christmas Fad That Will Disappear Again For Another Year
AI & IoT Daily - Monday, Dec. 12, 2016
BMW Remotely Locks Thief Inside Car
GE To Market Circular Lamp With Amazon Alexa Inside
Apple Weighs In With Regulators On Self-Driving Cars
Augmented Reality Tapped For Cycling Glasses
Audi Marketing Connected Car With Links To Traffic Lights
The Year That Was (and Was Not) For The Internet Of Things
Fiat Chrysler Chooses CES Over Detroit Auto Show
Get a Feel For Oculus Touch
AI & IoT Daily - Friday, Dec. 9, 2016
Fitness Tracker Abandonment Rate: 30%; Smartwatch, 29%
63% In U.S. Say They Are Not Aware Of Virtual Reality
Company Marketing Smart Toothbrush That Films Areas Missed
Pokemon Go Moving Into Sprint Stores
Starbucks To Launch AI-Based Mobile Barista
Google Home Prepares Advertisers, Developers For Conversational Search
FTC Explores Privacy Concerns Raised By Smart TVs
AI & IoT Daily - Thursday, Dec. 8, 2016
Smartwatch Maker Pebble Shuts Down, Fitbit Buys Some Remains
Snapchat Spectacles Expand To Sports
New Bluetooth Launches, Coming In Consumer Products
Oculus Rift Touch Controllers Lend Realism To VR
'Supermarket Of The Future' Opens In Italy
Connected Toys Violate Children's Privacy Law, Advocates Say
Mondelez's Sour Patch Kids Releases Paid Samsung Gear VR Game
AI & IoT Daily - Wednesday, Dec. 7, 2016
Digital Eyes 'See' What People Are Up To
New Drone Defense System Could Block Video, Photos
'OK Google' Being Added To Android Auto
Microsoft Takes On Amazon, Google, Apple With Home Hub
Apple Watch Sales Set Sales Record, Says CEO
Long-Form Digital Video Grows -- On Laptops, Connected TV, Mobile
MIT Creates Tool So Novices Can Create Drones
Volkswagen Creates Separate Autonomous Car Group
AI & IoT Daily - Tuesday, Dec. 6, 2016
White House Launches Augmented Reality App
New Controllers Boost Oculus Rift VR
Government Holds Off On IoT Security Requirements
Nike Files Patent For AR Workout Buddy
Movie To Be Promoted Via Virtual Reality
Cheap Fitness Trackers Outselling Apple Smartwatches
Blippar AI Visual Search Engine Recognizes Faces In Real-Time
AI & IoT Daily - Monday, Dec. 5, 2016
Beacon Maker Gimbal Acquired By Mobile Advertising Firm
Amazon Alexa Adds Voice For Expedia Flight Updates
Denver Broncos Launch AR-Based Campaign
Food Delivery Giant Claims First Robot-Delivered Meal
Tracking Sensor In Cough Syrup Nabs Suspected Burglars
Apple Drives Home Self-Driving Points With The NHTSA
AI & IoT Daily - Friday, Dec. 2, 2016
A Blip In The World Of Wearables
Company Taps Beacons To Help Robots Navigate
Researchers Testing Ink To Create Smart Clothing
Drone Helps Chase Down Suspects In Robbery
Airport Adds 3,000 Beacons For Indoor Traveler Navigation
Apple Looks To Collect Mapping Data From Drones, Could Support Advertising
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