AI & IoT Daily Editions for January 2017
AI & IoT Daily - Tuesday, Jan. 17, 2017
Smart Kitchen Commerce Targets Retailers At NRF
NASA Taps Astronauts To Launch Its Own Virtual Reality Experience
How Amazon Leads In Voice Marketing
FDA Finds Bug In Connected Cardiac Devices
Next Up: Self-Piloted Flying Cars
Microsoft Boosts AI, Acquires Deep Learning, Natural Language Startup
Xiaomi In Transition After growing 'Too fast'
AI & IoT Daily - Monday, Jan. 16, 2017
Samsung, SapientRazorfish Show IoT Retail Approach At NRF
Google Ends Drone Program
Companies Fit Employees With Wearables To Track Activity
Think Beyond The 'Things' For IoT Success
Marketers Search For Campaign Data From Virtual Assistants
Drones, Smart Home To Lead Tech Growth
Apple Eases App Size Restriction For tvOS
KFC China Uses Facial Recognition To Recommend Menu Items
AI & IoT Daily - Friday, Jan. 13, 2017
Internet Of Things Moves Into NRF Big Show
Google Shows New Self-Driving System
Staples Testing Connected 'Easy' Button
Builder Launches VR-Based Deck Design Tool
Cloverleaf Launches ShelfPoint To Gather Customer Data In-Store
Alphabet Has 157 Products, But Who's Counting?
Cutting Through The CES VR/AR Fluff
AI & IoT Daily - Thursday, Jan. 12, 2017
Robot Rights, With Kill Switches, Proposed
Indoor Location Moving Up The IoT Value Chain
Facebook Challenges Lawsuit Over Oculus VR
FTC Challenge: $25,000 To Create IoT Security Solution
New Balance Unveils First Tech: Fitness Watch
KFC And Baidu Testing Facial Recognition In China
CES 2017: The Dawn Of The Third Connected Era
AI & IoT Daily - Wednesday, Jan. 11, 2017
IoT Spending At $737 Billion, On Way To Pass $1 Trillion
Honda, Visa Team To Connect Cars With Payments
New Wi-Fi Standard Syncs Home Devices In Real Time
BBC To Reinvent iPlayer By 2020
Ford Hosts Hackathons For Connected Cars
Volvo Puts A Human Face On Autonomous Cars
2017 - The Year Of The V's
AI & IoT Daily - Tuesday, Jan. 10, 2017
Next In Connected Cars: License Plate Advertising
Amazon Alexa Hears TV Report, Orders Dollhouses For Owners
Virtual Reality Awareness Doubles After Holidays; Samsung Takes Lead
Notion Upgrade Incorporates Alexa Into Inbox Management
Google Unveils Latest Self-Driving Technology
Ask Alexa To Sum Up Your Email Inbox
FTC Sues D-Link Over Security Concerns
GEICO Launches Voice-Responsive Assistant
AI & IoT Daily - Monday, Jan. 9, 2017
Pepper The Robot Looks To Engage Customers
Mattel Creates IoT System To Help Parents Teach Children
Tiny Computer Aims To Enable IoT Devices
Google Adding Assistant To Android TVs
Is Apple Missing Big Opportunity With HomeKit?
Welcome To The World Of Autonomous Living
Connected-Home Brand Search Grew 240% In 2016
The End -- And Beginning -- Of The World As We Know It: Why VR Is The New Media
The Future Of VR In The Back Rooms Of CES
AI & IoT Daily - Friday, Jan. 6, 2017
CES And The Brands Of The Internet Of Things
Alexa Is The Talk Of Town At CES In Vegas
Two New Connected Pet Devices Launch At CES
Tablo With New Tuner At CES
Digital Minister Counters CES UK Support Of Start-Ups Is An 'Embarrassment'
Samsung Has Biggest CES Buzz (Not All Of It Good)
Bing, Google Up Their Fitness Game
Exploring VR, Immersive Advertising
AI & IoT Daily - Thursday, Jan. 5, 2017
Internet Of Things Leads The Charge At CES
72% Want Voice Control In Smart-Home Products
Self-Driving Cars To Headline CES
Tesla Autopilot Appears To Predict Accident
Driverless Cars Steer Toward Showrooms
Vivint Smart Home Finds 735% Sales Lift Through Native Ads
UK Start-Up Unveils Rival To Amazon Echo
AI & IoT Daily - Wednesday, Jan. 4, 2017
71% Of Parents Buy Into The Internet Of Things
Carnival Betting Big On IoT Wearable Concierge
New Standard For Smart Devices Launches At CES
At CES, A Fight For Simple Stream To The Living Room
Snapchat Buys AR Company Ahead Of IPO
AI To Be Prominent At CES
Home Robot Kuri Debuts At CES And In New Ad Campaign
Google Integrates Technology With Hyundai And Fiat Chrysler
Dish, Whirlpool Partner With Amazon Devices
Chrysler Unveils Electric Minivan At CES
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